Kayihura Blasts UN Experts Over False Allegations

Inspector General of Uganda Police Kale Kayihura

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Lt. Gen Kale Kayihura has broken the silence and blasted the United Nations team of experts who linked him to Bosco Ntaganda leader of the M23 renegades in Democratic Republic of Congo.

In a heavily worded dossier, the General attacked the ‘so called’ experts for failing to conform to the basic principles of research.

Saying he was deeply hurt by the allegations, Kayihura revealed that throughout the investigation the experts never contacted him to get his side of the allegations as required by any researcher worth the name.

“How could they have failed to do this, and then in their Executive Summary claim to have adhered to a ‘rigorous investigative methodology to ensure the greatest degree of accuracy of its assertions and conclusions’?” Kayihura queried in a dossier he released to the media.

Describing the allegation linking him to the rebels as offensive, the police boss said the report is a clear figment of an evil mind.

While the UN experts reported that Kayihura had visited Kisoro and held meetings with M23 rebels in the month of July, the IGP explained that he did not visit Kisoro that month.

The Police boss said, “The first time was in May when we escorted the then Chairman of EAPCCO, Commissioner General of Police Emmanuel Gasana (Rwanda Police Boss). He was interested to see what Uganda was doing to ensure safety and security along our part of the Northern Corridor, and, also, security at our common border. Among the places we visited on the way, were the border stations of Katuna in Kabale District, and Cyanika in Kisoro District on the same day. “

He added that the only other day he returned to Kisoro was in August during the burial of former Supreme Court judge and Uncle Joseph Mulenga.

Kayihura also rubbished reports that he had sent the Director of Counter Terrorism John Nduguse whom is falsely referred to as the Deputy IGP (in the ‘report’) to meet with M23 rebels.

The general revealed that he took offense of being linked to Ntaganda who tried to kill him at the time he was deployed in DRC to ensure peace.

“Ntaganda, who was commander of UPC in Bunia, Ituri, and who, on two separate occasions,  tried to assassinate me while I was on a peace mission in Ituri; first, by taking me hostage, and second, during skirmishes when he launched an armed attack at my headquarters at Bunia airport,” Kayihura said in a statement.

He rubbished the report as a concoction of individuals who have a sinister motive toward the country.

Reported By Dalton Kaweesa


13 thoughts on “Kayihura Blasts UN Experts Over False Allegations

  1. Now you know how the Besigyes feel when your goons are rolling them in mud without hearing their side of the story.

  2. Blast them or not , who in Uganda does not know the thieving ways of big people in this Govt ? Facts are bitter !

  3. The report may not be true, but I think General you now know how it feels when you accuse your colleagues of terrorism, rape, treason, and murder wel knowing that your allegations are not true and you go ahead and commit them to courts of law wel knowing the sentences they are likey to serve “just in case”. How i wish the UN could adopt this report and a travel ban slapped on you and summons issued by ICC and you also dance to the same tunes your comrades have been dancing to.

    I rest my case

  4. Gen just keep your cool and secure our people back home. God will be your defender.

  5. I think thats why Israel calls UN United Nothing in full.I also considered them so when thousands of Innocent Rwandese were slaughtered while the UN did nothing.They stay in good hotels in cities without going to the places in question and end up giving reports on whatever crosses their minds.Am not only annoyed but stabbed in the foot.

  6. I also agree if you read the gen. reaction, there is no smoke without fire gen. just stop disorganizing your neighbor

  7. imagine these funny “UN Experts”. They come to the region, sit in a cool hotel, sip cold beer, eat well, sleep with any beauties.. pros, and end up with a cooked report. Shame on them.

  8. what report have those guys made on the UN guys in Congo raping and stealing the gold there?

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