Komuntale Wedding Fund-raising Today

Tooro Kingdom Princess and sister to Omukama (King) Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru, Ruth Komuntale will this night, at Piato Restaurant and Bar along Lumumba Avenue in Kampala,  be meeting her pals in what has been dubbed a mix and mingle cocktail party.

Komuntale, who arrived in the country last night from the United States is set to wed her fiancé Christopher Thomas on the 17th of this month. The wedding will be preceded by an introduction ceremony on the 15th.

Kingdom officials hope to use today’s event to raise more funds geared towards making the wedding ceremony a success.

The wedding ceremony that was supposed to take place in July was called off after it emerged the Kingdom did not have enough funds to organize it although some attributed the extension to rejection by Kingdom elders of Komuntale’s choice of the American suitor.

The big do is expected to cost shillings in the region of billions.

The media has hitherto been awash with news that the Kingdom’s pockets have since run dry following last year’s demise of Libya’s former Leader Col. Muamar Gaddafi with some reports indicating that power supplier Umeme had switched off electricity at the Kingdom’s Palace in Kabarole District.

The former Libyan leader had established an intimate relationship with the Kingdom of Tooro, a friendship which the latter benefited from handsomely.










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  1. The African American man finds this arragnement “strange” and may not splash dimes into it.

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