MPs Drop Death Penalty For Homos

MP Bahati

MPs have endorsed the proposed Anti-Homosexuality Bill but dropped the death penalty provision

MP Medard Segona said “substantial amendments” had been made to the bill but said he was not allowed to reveal further details.

Speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga recently said the bill would be passed as a “Christmas gift” to its advocates.

Homosexual acts are illegal in Uganda – this bill increases the penalties.

Foreign donors have threatened to cut aid if gay rights are not respected.

The bill, tabled by MP David Bahati, proposes longer jail terms for homosexual acts, including a life sentence in certain circumstances.

In its original form, those convicted of “aggravated homosexuality” – defined as when one of the participants is a minor, HIV-positive, disabled or a “serial offender” – faced the death penalty.

Source: BBC

17 thoughts on “MPs Drop Death Penalty For Homos

  1. Ugandan politians you are better off legislating against corruption than try to persecute consenting adults who havent killled anyone. How many people die because of poor health, poor sanitation, road accidents. human sacrifice etc in relation to homosexuality. Kadaga has already been told if she was to fly to Us there would be no protection for her in case of an attack to her person. This will be the case for all politicians who pronounce themselves on these issues. I am not gay buy mark my words. gay people will one day live freely in Uganda without fear of persecution.You may legislate, kill but you wont be able to stop them. The cat is already out of the bag.

  2. after stealing the aid given to u and some countries holding their money, i knew u would bow to international pressure wen it comes to homosexuality so that they dont cut more aid

  3. You have never been able to solve major problems facing the country like restoring term-limits and curbing corruption.. Now you are inviting more troubles for Uganda.Homosexuality has and will never be Uganda”s Problem…it’s a social behavior that one adopts willingly NOT by force..anyway, if you think you have some muscles on you,dare pass this bill then you will know your true levels…..

    1. Paul, if democracy is a cardinal tenet in nation building why then don’t we subject the issue of homosexuality to a national referendum? By the way a behaviour like Kleptomania is also a social behaviour that one adopts without force, should we then leave it to the practitioner?

  4. Shame! Life sentence for 2 adults loving one another?
    In the meantime, more than 90% of Ugandans do not have access to clean drinking water! Corruption is through the roof. Looting of national treasury and resources is at its highest in the history of Uganda: and this is a priority piece of legislation? Simply pathetic!

  5. our parliament has gone nuts so what if they cut the funds why don’t we stand by our christian values and say no and see if God will leave us starve, i am so disappointed in our parliament and the people representing us

  6. Homo sexuality is sin so all those involved should repent and come to Jesus, otherwise they will face the wrath of God.
    Whether you are given a death penalty or not, the question is where do you go after death. Heaven or hell.

  7. You say Shame. I say bravo our MPs. Jesus once told the Pharisees, “you tithe on mint, dill and cummin and you forget the weightier matters of the law –justice, mercy and faithfulness. and Jesus concluded, ” You should have practiced the latter, without neglecting the former.”
    So Mr, Kanya- the two can be done together. Just because there are what you consider weightier matters such as corruption does not mean neglecting what you think are minor issues such as sexual orientation. Both can be done and should be done.
    I believe corruption was a minor issue at one time. I remember in the 1960s people would say that he who steals from govt coffers has done no crime since he has not stolen from an individual. It has taken time to realize that what is in the govt coffers belongs to us all.
    So what today you consider a non-issue will tomorrow graduate into a major catastrophe if not handled.

  8. I really conquer with all of you who are against that wicked act. When GOD’s wrath was seen in “SODOM/GOMORRAH” it was of the same situation like that one faced nowadays!! ALL OF THIS SAGA HAS IT’S ORIGIN IN ‘USA’ AND LET YOU PEOPLE KNOW THAT “Knowledge and Wisdom” differ, so Americans might be “knowledgable” but not “Wise” since WISDOM is given by God. We need to let God come down to the earth and save!!!!

  9. homosexuality is total madness and diverting our sociaties and communities. those who are pushing it across the world, have their aim. It should not be allowed in uganda. Those who want to kill themselves because the bill is out, please let them do so when the issue is fresh in minds of many and they will be considered as heroes.

    Bravo the legislators, The speaker and particularly Hon Bahati. You people have got Uganda’s vision. thanks for being nationalists. Good example for all ugandans.

    For GOD and my country.

  10. To some people like Paul who say that we dare pass this bill and see what happens i want to assure him that this country belongs to Ugandans and they have every right to pass any law they dim fit. It is obvious that Uganda doesn’t need any aid if it were to deal decisively with corruption. However in the face of all this international pressure we need to stand firm by our values and diginity and not be intimidated!

  11. Bravo to our MP’s. For those who say there is no problem with Homo-sexuality, you surely have a problem. You must be homo-sexuals yourselves. Paul says homo-sexuality has never been Uganda’s problem and that’s true because people have been practicing it in the privacy of their homes but now, these gays are fighting for their rights so they may be able to practice it openly and that becomes our problem. I do not want my kids exposed to this imorality and i do not want them thinking it is ok to be gay coz it isn’t. So i salute our MP’s for protecting our moral values. They are just as important as fighting corruption.

  12. We don’t want the western madness like MAN married to a fellow MAN and WOMAN to WOMAN. Soon it will be marring animals

  13. Poor innocent people of Uganda. They will suffer because of the stupidity of politicians.

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