Musisi Warned on Missing KCCA Meetings

KCCA Director Jennifer Musisi

Hon. Minister for the Presidency Hon. Frank Tumwebaze on Kampala Affairs has ordered the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) director, Jennifer Musisi to stop dodging KCCA council meetings.

Tumwebaze told Musisi she should stop putting up lame excuses not to attend council meetings scheduled by Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago. “I am ordering you and the directors of KCCA to go ahead and do your jobs including attending meetings as the KCCA laws dictate,” the letter to the director said.

The letter dated November 14th was copied to the President, Government State Prosecutor, Chairman of Workers’ committee, the Lord Mayor and all Councillors.

Musisi recently wrote to Tumwebaze asking for permission not to attend a meeting called by the Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago.

This is another episode in the animosity between the KCCA Director and Mayor who have been at loggerheads since the former’s appointment into office.



9 thoughts on “Musisi Warned on Missing KCCA Meetings

  1. In my opinion Ms. Musisi and Mr. Lukwago should put their differences aside and know the reasons why they are in those offices. Kampala is for all Ugandans and we need to have a better city. Fighting will not help any of them. Its time to work for Ugandans and not fighting. Besides we have the laws governing the city how comes the “learned felllows can apply these laws”

  2. Mister Minister Sir, directives like these do not necessarily solve issues. You cannot run the City Authority like a barracks. You need dialogue and conflict resolution skills. To what extent have you engaged both parties?

  3. For how long will Jeniffer & Erias (Baana Bakintu…Banambi) fight each other. I would think that these civilised lawyers by now would have come to terms with themselves and decided to serve the people of Uganda.
    Kampala is a capital city we do not need poeple to fight wars here. Go to Nakasongola and Gomba…etc!!!

    But also Lukwago, be a man and calm down if Jennifer cannot!!! Goodness, for all the year its Jeniffer versus Lukwago. I have all along thought going to school would change and mitigate certain character, but I now doubt. Becuase personality always remain.

    But also if the Minister is to sort this out, he needs to meet these two guys one by one and judge, advise, guide then take orders. Otherwise he is bound to fail.

  4. Hon minister be slow…… KCCA is not easy… it is mixed up with politics, personalities, past failures, corruption etc

  5. Tumwebaze, many overzealots like you whose actions and utterances are at aimed at impressing monarch M7 have come and gone with no impact. Play on youngman coz you know whuch side of your bread is buttered by who! Only time will tell. Plz leave Musisi alone, we love her

  6. Thanks Hon, Tumwebaze atleast you have defined what public office is not a private lounge for people to fight their personal wars.

    How I wish all other ministers and public service leaders could pick a leaf from the wise wordsd of some late Ugandan leader who said there was no need for him to draw conclusions for all the nitty gritty of government business when there are cabinet members. Am sure the appointing authority is not disapointed in your approach to what we term as service to the nation regardless of allegiance.

    Thank you and can you pliz tell the proud public servants that it is team work and knowledge harmonisation that we can prove our maturity not cowardice as well as serve our nation not our egocentric satiety.

  7. Bravo Hon. minister. I think this is the first step towards making Musisis and Lukwago work together for the betterment of kampala. sometimes when persuasion fails other means have to be employed. i believe when they work objectively together they will slowly but surely put aside their personal differences which are political anyway.

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