Namubiru Opens Up On Domestic Violence

Ugandan DIVA Iryn Namubiru

Award winning Ugandan DIVA Iryn Namubiru who was last weekend battered by her ex-lover Frank Morel, has come out for the first time to speak about the incident accusing her ex of threatening to end her life.

“No no no noooooooo to domestic violence. Most especially by someone whose life you haven’t been sharing for over 4 years. No to death threats. No to domestic violence. One can die in less than a minute.” Iryn posted on her Facebook timeline.

In the post, the singer revealed a fact she has kept a secret for a long time now – her separation with Frank Morel.

The two are now battling a court case that is yet to take a decision on who assumes custody of their two children.

Iryn had traveled to Holland for a short holiday with the kids but Frank Morel who wasn’t aware of the trip, thought that Iryn had taken the children away forcing him to react the way he did.

However, in a twist of events, Iryn is rumored to be plotting to block her former husband’s relocation to Kampala. Morel is supposed to take up a job at the French Embassy in Kampala as a culture attache.

The pair has had trouble in the past considering Iryn’s status as one of Uganda’s top divas, a position that has denied her ample time with family, according to observers.

Iryn joins the list of celebrities who have had domestic difficulty involving violence. Last month, socialite Zari Hassan revealed how her hubby Ivan Ssemwanga had turned her into a punching bag leading to their separation.

18 thoughts on “Namubiru Opens Up On Domestic Violence

  1. Sometimes the punching is inevitable.One side shouts more than the other to appear innocent but when you critically analyse the issue,you find the noise maker is the one to blame.

  2. ladies need to know the type of pple are getting married too,now days ladies from uganda are going for whites but they didn’t grow with them ,i think there for money but as i can see money is nothing they need to start to love smeone who love them for real not b’se of being different in colour that’s nothing.

  3. But that French guy is very patient. I wouldn’t stand Namubiru’s character even a single day If I were Morel.
    Namubiru should allow the man to take custody of his kids as she goes romping.

    But also men are to blame, how do you marry such a “bidongo” woman…no matter how beautiful, its a loss!!!

  4. Surely, I would never accept battering ladies,thats being premitive. There are various ways of dealing with this

  5. Mr. Ray, iam not sure if you are married or not but believe me one day you will do it. stop pretending, not every man that beats awoman want to do it.

    1. Man to man. You should cry yourself to shame for supporting such a medieval practice. And women, know your worth. Stop hanging with losers that think domestic violence solves anything. Call your local police if he ever lays hands on you.

  6. I agree with most of you, when you are not married you tend to think like Ray. Ray is trying to be the nice one. Sorry successful marriages do not operate like that. A kick actually is meant to Impart sense. Iryn should go for one more kick to become sensible

  7. NOBODY deserves to be battered. Domestic violence is a real danger in the human society and should not be taken flippantly. Every time you voice support of it, even when it is meted out to your enemy, you are supporting violence against your wife, your mother, your daughter and all your female relatives.

    Violence begets violence; let us all work to end it.

  8. i detest men who practice domestic violence areal man doesnt fight awoman.i call that primitivity

  9. They’re many out here who think domestic violence is not the way.I don’t support the matter either but why do parents and elders discipline their children?…..simple they went offline.When people get married,spouses believe their partners are adults and only people of this calibre should be able to address their differences rationally and non-violently.Human rights and in particular feminists should look deep into the causes of such matters,who’s to blame.Women who’re involved in issues like these shouldn’t jump yelling hoping to seek sympathy and having the guy blamed.Unless he’s not of sound mind then I think the fault goes both ways.

  10. Who of you talkers is married. How does a serious wife take away children without the notice of the husband? Not just to the village but abroad.

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