Pension Scam: Swindlers’ Accounts Frozen

Christopher Obey, the Principal Accountant of Pensions

Uganda Police spokeswoman, Judith Nabakooba on Tuesday released a statement to the press on the on-going investigations in the pension scam.

“Following intensive investigations and the evidences that we have so far gathered since the commencement of this probe in the pension scam, we have decided to put a caveat on all properties and freeze all bank accounts of the suspects in this fraud.”

“The suspects are Christopher Obey, David Oloka, Steven Lwanga, and Isaac Sentongo of Cairo Bank. The companies are Continental Financial International Limited, Ugafin, Leads Insurance Company Limited, Kagera Rice and Kagera Gaming, and Swift Commercial Establishment.”

The statement also warned the general public to cease any dealings with the above mention suspects or any of the companies during this period of investigations. “Whoever deals with these companies will be doing so at his or her own risk,” it read.

All bank accounts of the suspects and their properties are under investigations, we would like to warn the general public not to transact any business with them

The public is requested to assist the Police in their investigations. “Anyone with information that can lead us to successful prosecution of these suspects to bring it in confidence to CIID Headquarters, Kibuli or Special Investigation Unit, Kireka.”


10 thoughts on “Pension Scam: Swindlers’ Accounts Frozen

  1. Let Obey pay ” Tears of the sons and daughters of the pensioners’ whom Obey either refused to pay or delayed their payment of gratuity and injected it in his companies” My wish is that you pay heavily.

  2. I wish 2 commend police 4 the good response this time. Let justice prevail anyway bt i have been wondering why so fast to freeze their accounts yet we hve had several cases with overwealming evidences(UBC mask, Temagalo saga, Kazibwe valley dam, microfinance saga, bicycles 4 LCs, Basaja’s compensations…..etc). None of the implicated officials had their accounts freezed and some have scooped good appointments afterwards. I hope its nt b’se these guys are nt close 4 state house or b’se most of their names are Ooooos. Equal justice must always apply if we are to burry corruption. I am nt condoning whatever they did bt only…….

    1. Saul, i wish to differ from you. The way people cry to get their pension. Thats not enough, even more should be done to these heartless Ugandans.

    2. ………and the funds for Northern Uganda? May be we shall be told the Prime minister is not involved and they can find no evidence. They should at least freeze the office so it gets too cold for the occupants !!!!

  3. Fellow Ugandans the fact is that the civil & military service is rotten from head to toe. We have details and ready help Uganda er-shape its image. lets put there a commision of inquiry of inquiry and Government should accept a public hearing. All those implicated step down to let law take its course. Otherwise trust me God listens to his people and his showing NRM signs of doom. Quote me if Government (read NRM) doesnt use this chance to fight corruption they will soon dearly pay for it. Remember the Mobutu’s, Gadaffi’s, Hosni Mubaraks’s etc etc aint immortal and we all know what transpired. Fellow Ugandans read me and read me clearly no weapon formed against us “WILL EVER” prosper. Vision belongs to us (humans) not a few individuals,families or tribes. God bless Uganda.

  4. ma worry is, even wiz all this work done by CID these guys myt go scot free . This money should be recovered and put back to where it belongs and these crooks prosecuted

  5. Yes,,Saul…This is why we need an overhaul of the the whole system..applying the same law differently to people committing the same crime…This is totally wrong and must be condemned by all Ugandans.. Because Obey and his group have no connections to the main thieving clique, that’s why the police is coming out in full swing,, when it comes to Janet who is accused of same crime, the same police is quite….,this is what we MUST fight….and we will fight it….

  6. Maybe this will straighten up the pension process! They have been hardening the process even when they can see the evidence that you are eligible and served your country diligently. This should be a learning point!

  7. Much as this is a good move by the police, there is still no fairness in the handling of Ugandans as in the eye of the law,
    there are class different and treatment of criminal cases are given attention and applied with reservations of this classes “of who is being handled”.
    it’s unfortunate that this officers of the pensions department will have it.
    when some members single handedly swindled money and they are left free or instead are cleared of no wrong doing while their colleagues suffer over it “ Unfortunate MIKE MUKULA”. they are not first and only ones. I bet everyone that if all Government departments are investigated none will escape financial scam. Even the Police themselves and the IGG including the Anti-corruption unit shall be found corrupt in itself


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