Somalia Troop Withdrawal A ‘Matter Of Time’- Kiyingi

Battle-hardened Ugandan Troops in Somalia

Ugandan minister for regional cooperation Mr. Asuman Kiyingi has revealed that the country has not given up on its warning to withdraw troops from Somalia.

A UN report leaked to the press recently accuses the East African nation of supporting M23 rebels in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

While speaking to the media, said that it was a ‘matter of time’ before the Kampala administration pulled her troops from the horn of Africa nation.

“If they think it’s a bluff, let them wait and see,” Mr. Kiyingi said.

“We said we were going to Somalia and people said we couldn’t go and manage. We are now telling them that we will withdraw because we cannot allow these lies intended to tarnish our image.” He added.

In the UN report, President Museveni’s brother, Gen. Salim Saleh; the Inspector General of Police, Lt. Gen. Kale Kayihura; the 2 Division commander, Brig. Patrick Kankiriho and the police director of counter terrorism unit, Mr. John Ndungutse,  are accused of having close ties with the M23 rebels.

The report was an embarrassment to the Kampala government that had built a reputation in the eyes of the world as a nation that fights for peace in the great lakes region.

If the world body adopts the report, Uganda would see heavy sanctions slapped on it including travel bans on some of its leaders.

The crisis in the eastern DRC has been going on since April after Congolese soldiers mutinied forming the M23 rebel group claiming neglect by the Kinshasa government led by Joseph Kabila.

The chairperson of the UN Security Council-Counter terrorism committee, Mr. Hardeep Singh Puri, on Saturday said the report does not necessarily represent the position of the UN, following Uganda’s petition to the UN.

In a related development, Henry Oryem state minister for Foreign Affairs (International Affairs) while speaking to BBC radio this morning said the world body needs to apologize because the accusations cannot be taken lightly.

Uganda’s withdraw from the horn of Africa nation would be a big blow to the mission to pacify Somalia that has seen Islamic militants AL shabaab flushed out of the capital Mogadishu. Uganda contributes a big part of the UN sanction AMISOM troops in Somalia.


2 thoughts on “Somalia Troop Withdrawal A ‘Matter Of Time’- Kiyingi

  1. congo should revisit her history clearly and should stop blaming neighbors for her troubles. the congo nightmare started with colonialism. then progressed as follows;
    1– the assasination of Lumumba for his patriotic views.
    2– the proping up of the Mobutu kleptocracy
    3– deliberate turning of congo into a security threat to neighbours eg being used as base for UNITA and FLN against Angola, ADF against Uganda, FDLR against Rwanda,and sponsorship of small rebel outfits against SPLM, and Congo – Brazaville
    4– attempting to denationalize some of her citizens because similar tribes live across in other countries.
    5– the deliberate policy of undermining growth of state institutions eg the civil service, the army(thru use of mercenaries , french, UN and other foreign forces to handle internal rebellions), administration,
    6– the deliberate destruction of infrastructure fearing that opponents will use it to overthrow Mobutu,

    7– the deliberate policy of the West to keep Congo disorganized so that it remains an easy target for the western military industrial complex.
    Unless these issues are tackled head on, no amount of blaming of Uganda and Rwanda will help. For instance how come after nearly a decade of the removal of Mobutu, Congo has no army to talk about while Uganda and Rwanda which had similarly troubled past now have professional armies capable of even engaging in peacekeeping!!!!! It is time to stop the hypocrisy of the West and its lackeys in the UN. Africa must come together on this , the regional force as proposed by the ICGLR should take EFFECT . this is possible if Congo wants it. she does not need permission from the UN Security Council , all she needs is to invoke collective defense as provided for in the UN charter. Funding can not be a problem as all countries contributing to the force can at least finance a battalion. AFRICA wake up this century should belong to YOU. You have been a doormat for so long!!!!!!

  2. Rwendo, i strongly disagree with you on point 4. like it or not, you M23 rebels were formerly refugees from Rwanda who went to DRC for sanctuary during the civil war in Rwanda and refused to go back to their country even after pacification just as they refused to be deployed. They demanded for citizenship were given.

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