South Sudan’s Security Meetings Begin in Juba

Security meetings in South Sudan chaired by the Defence Minister kicked off in Juba on Monday. The meetings are set to discuss the implementation of security arrangements agreed last September in Addis Ababa, Sudan Tribune reports.

Sudanese ambassador to Juba Mutrif Sidiq, who was also a member of Sudan’s negotiating team, told Omduran Radio that the meetings will focus on the demilitarised zone and the rebel groups.

The meetings will also discuss a report of a joint technical team about the withdrawal of troop and the opening of border passages to allow trade between the two sides.

Sudanese Foreign Minister Ali Karti said last week that Juba did not yet withdraw its troops from the disputed areas saying that rains prevent the SPLA from moving heavy weapons.

The meeting which was delayed several times in the past weeks is supposed mainly to discuss the withdrawal of troops from the buffer zone, deployment of joint monitoring teams on the border and the rebel groups.

Adopted from SudanTribune

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