Southern Bypass Commissioned

An artist’s impression of the Southern Bypass

President Museveni will on Wednesday erform the ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of the multi-billion Kampala – Entebbe Express Highway dubbed the Southern By-pass.

The ceremony will be held at Kabojja on the Kampala – Masaka highway. According to the Uganda National Roads Authority head of corporate affairs, Mr Dan Alinange, the 51.4 km road will displace more than 4,000 businesses and individuals who are on its path.

“We warned all the parties that would be affected and started the compensation process last month with about Sh10 billion handed to about 250 residents so far,” he said yesterday while addressing the press.

The highway will ease the movement from Kampala to Entebbe Airport. Construction will begin today, ahead of the December 2012 date that had been released to the public and will be constructed by China Communications Construction Company Ltd.

The highway will have two routes; from Busega running through Nkumba to Entebbe Airport (37 km), with the other route running from Lweza to Munyonyo (14 km) with a direct route to Munyonyo from Kajjansi.

The Works ministry has for the last two financial years received financing for the project from government. From next year, UNRA plans to widen the Northern By-pass to include flyovers at Kampala-Jinja Highway, Kibuye-Mpigi Road and Bwaise-Bombo Highway.

This new venture will cost $9.1 billion will be channeled through the Export-Import Bank of China, with Uganda contributing part of the total.



18 thoughts on “Southern Bypass Commissioned

  1. Some one needs to think of a road connecting Entebbe Road to Jinja Road without passing in the crowded and polluted Kampala City ( big slum?) Thanks!

  2. Hope all the money will be accounted for and the resultant infrastructure actually looks like a multi-billion dollar/shilling project.

  3. As always! since day one many plans had been nice looking like this one but towards the end, they make poor roads, watch the space.

  4. Oh God, wait and see another OPM scandal. Another opportunity for thieves opens. Ugandans must ask for accountability. If well managed, this would ease transport in and around Kampala

  5. Please do not forget our Wildlife, protect it and please see to it that it is not affected so badly despite of the constructions taking place including noise polution. Plan for these animals, insects and birds on the ground and space and provide them with a good option e.g if they can not make it to the other side a tunnel for them would be not bad Otherwise i will this picture and compare the estimated time of completion and the complete picture

  6. Something should be done about signs on this road as the signs on the Northern bypass have been stolen by scrap thugs. You may easily miss a your turn on this road. I would suggest plastic or ceramic materials be used! Otherwise i m happy to hear of this development!

  7. I think as we develop, driving restrictions should be followed.police need to do their jobs and the licensing department as well. Drunk driving is a no no. With good roads people drive faster ,so we need to crack down on drivers who abuse the law, by driving drunk and driving without permits. With severe punishments, otherwise these roads will become death traps .

  8. government should also consider kampala s overcrowded eastern route by providing a modern kayora train up to mukono

  9. thanks for the developments,lets hope it won’t be like the northern bypass which was half cooked

  10. If we had used the $875 millions to undertake this project instead of buying junk fighter jets,we wouldn’t burden our future generations to pay huge interest on the $350 million loan from the Chinese..,,we would have carried out two projects of this kind instead…..

  11. Encouraging to see that at long last sanity is beginning to show its existance. We love this kind of development. Just worried about corruption!!!!!!!!!! I hope good governance can prevail to save this good project. I suggest the Chinese take control of the funds and only pay for goods/services rendered not money in crooks’ (corruptors and corruptees) pockets! God we love our country Uganda. For God and my country.

  12. Good news, but let us hope that it will not be another money making venture for ‘some people’ in UNRA or let it not be another northern bypass which will take centuary to be completed.

  13. Well, i think we dont need this money but to avoid the “OPM syndrome”, the donors need to bring in their own engineers to avoid inflated projections…”Njawulo”. I think u catch ma drift!

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