U.S ELECTIONS: How Americans Are Likely To Vote

U.S President Obama And Republican Challenger Romney

With just hours before Americans head to the polls, both candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are locked in swing states which are key to taking the white house.

Swing states are those states in which no candidate holds an overwhelming majority and they include Ohio, Nevada, Wisconsin, Florida, Iowa, Virginia, Colorado, North Carolina and New Hampshire.

The election runs on an electoral college system. Each state is given a number of votes based on its population. The candidate who wins 270 electoral college votes becomes president.

President Obama is in Ohio while Romney Pennsylvania with the latest polls putting the President at 50% to Romney’s 48%.

In the early days of the campaign, many pundits had written off Republican Mitt Romney after he was involved in gaffes that appeared to portray him as an inconsiderate leader out to work for the affluent.

However, the first Presidential debate saw the Massachusetts governor bounce back after a stellar performance against the president.

That presidential debate changed Romney’s fortunes though he did not do well compared to Obama in the subsequent debates.

The economy will play a major role on how Americans decide.

Recently released figures on employment indicate new jobs were created though the rate of unemployment remains high, the highest since President Roosevelt’s tenure.

Romney has been consistent on the issue of dealing with the economy; something that would cost Obama some votes, Obama’s views to let women make choices regarding their health by supporting abortion will earn him the women’s vote.

Romney will however beat the president when it comes to securing the Christian vote especially the evangelicals who hold conservative views on issues like abortion, homosexuality.

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11 thoughts on “U.S ELECTIONS: How Americans Are Likely To Vote

  1. I put my bate on Obama because I have always supported him. I am not biased because I also recognise that Romney’s chanses are high either due to the fact that by nature Americans like any other people will put their economic wows on the incumbent.

  2. Of course Obama will win with 320 electoral votes.Am involved in the elections and i know this for sure.

  3. The election is very close. My prediction is that Obama wil make it to the White House. Had he performed very well in the first debate, there wouldn’t have been any competition.

  4. Given the fact that Americans should focus,and elect the right person who will not do the Bush way.

  5. Mi has my vote coz the econony is killing everyting en i dont believe in abortion.remember the american vote affects everyone so vote wisely… mitt u have ma vote

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