Uganda Gets Two Trillion From ‘Kyeyo’

The Ugandan Government supported by the World Bank has set up a Diaspora Services Department (DSD) in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) after realising the important role Ugandans living abroad contribute to the country’s development.

The aim of the department is to coordinate Diaspora issues. The mission of the department is to provide an enabling environment and relevant services for the Ugandan Diaspora to effectively participate in Uganda’s development, and to promote and protect their interests in the host countries.

The key strategic objectives of the Diaspora Services Department include but are not limited to: mobilise the Diaspora to transfer specialist knowledge, skills and technologies to Uganda for accelerated development; promote participation of the Diaspora in development of Uganda’s systems and processes of good governance; promote and protect the interests of Ugandan nationals in the Diaspora in line with best international practice; and ensure timely and adequate availability of financial, human and logistical resources essential for cost-effective implementation of DSD’s approved work plans.


Supported by the World Bank, the Diaspora Services Department chose the UK to host the first outreach workshop on October 30, 2010.  The theme of the workshop was: ‘Mobilising Ugandan Diaspora for Uganda’s Development: Opportunities for Ugandan Professionals in European Countries’

The workshop focused on the role Uganda professionals in the Diaspora can play in Uganda’s development and the opportunities current and future. The workshop aimed at professional talent identification in the Uganda Diaspora with emphasis on infrastructure, and I was honoured to be among the speakers as the President of the International Community of Banyakigezi, representing a Diaspora Association.

Reported By Johnson Mujungu


4 thoughts on “Uganda Gets Two Trillion From ‘Kyeyo’

  1. This is great leverage! Enough to influence policies that focus on empowering the average Ugandan. Right now alot of our national resources are being looted in broad day light, and no one can dare speak up against this dangerous trend.

  2. there is no need of DSD just coz of the current frauds committed day & night by the same man (UN TOUCHABLE) .
    how can u set up a Diaspora Services Department (DSD) in the ministry of thieves.
    we are tied.

  3. As usual government officials colluding to reap where they didn’t sow,have they realized as yet that most of that money comes from Ugandans doing informal odd jobs, fraud(cheques,sangomas,drug trafficking,disc jockeying etc) hahahahaaaaaaaa.What skills from the majority of semi-illiterate nkuba kyeyos is our government talking about? And by the way, how many nkuba kyeyos have been facilitated in their struggles to make it to the diaspora by the government?

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