Uganda To Revive National Airline

Uganda is set to have its national wings back in the air

The republic of Uganda is set to acquire a new national carrier to keep pace with its regional neighbors.

Uganda had a national carrier, Uganda Airlines established in 1976. However it was liquidated in may 2001 after plans by the government to privatize it hit a snag when all potential bidders decided otherwise.

British Airways, SA Alliance, Kenya Airways, Sabena, Air Mauritius and Johannesburg based Inter Air were among the bidders.

As the volume of air traffic increases spurred on by a tourism boom, aviation authorities have revealed plans to re introduce a state owned national airline to keep pace with Uganda’s East African Neighbors.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority’s Managing Director, Dr. Rama Makuza, the body has plans to upgrade the airport including other upcountry aerodromes so they can have the capacity to host bigger aircraft.

“We are planning for a second run away to accommodate bigger planes like those owned by Qatar and Emirates Airways because currently they cannot land here and even for smaller aerodromes like Kasese, Gulu and Arua, we want to expand them to accommodate planes to the magnitude of the Boeng 737” Makuza said

The Civil Aviation Authority revealed this during an interaction with the media where the body also announced the December Aviation week to celebrate Uganda’s 50 years of independence.

The event that will take place mid next month will include aero fly past displays, static exhibitions and public leisure flights.

17 thoughts on “Uganda To Revive National Airline

  1. ‘ when the private becomes public , the public dies’, so said Mwalimu Nyerere. This is exactly what has happened to Uganda.

  2. It’s good newz.
    my biggest concern though is whether they aren’t gona be junks( being Uganda) putting people’s lives in danger. Personally i won’t be so earger to use it!. sorry guys.

  3. As usual good plans on paperand nothing on ground. The only thing i regret in life is having been born Ugandan

    1. My brother Andrew, I have been in many countries but I assure you, there is no country better than Uganda. Also try to digest the saying “East or West, home is best”. The only debt you have as per now is the struggle you and me have to steer forward rightly to better Uganda and stop regretting having been born Ugandans.

  4. This is a Big dream!! If we cant manage buses for public transport, we cant surely run an airline with the corruption levels.

  5. No wonder we want a first world Country in the next 50 years. Big airports, national airline, Refinery, pipelines, dual carriage highways, modern trains and cities, nuclear power plants! All can be done but we need to wake up and begin working smart.

  6. NOT a good idea fuel costs are up? it’s going to be hard to compete will the likes of emirates qatar those oil producing countries now most airlines are folding in? And creating magers the 1st worlds running costs are to high and they are closing down we have a very small market may be start with local then regional then the BIG planes not bigirimana style buy big ones when we do not really need them and won’t fill them.
    Amama would have had a 2012 S350 diesel with all the S500 specifications cheaper to run and cheaper to buy? BUT??? Gov officials are not allowed by the constitution to by over 3500cc and it has to be diesel? S500 is petrol any way! Good luck with the airline who is purchasing? On inspection they receive their kick backs to by old for the price of new Nigeria saga plane crashes I would NEVER get on a Ugandan run plane if there is another option only one other is enough.

  7. That thing worked in Amin’s days(the founder), It was killed by politicians, one time Muwanga,in the eighties came late for his flight and found it had taken off: it was called
    back to pick “muheshimiwa” !! Remember, there was less corruption.

  8. @ Andrew “The only thing i regret in life is having been born Ugandan”

    People like you seem not to be true Ugandans, am so sorry to say. As Ugandans we should support our nation in all its plans. However corrupt we are, we definitely stand a chance to change with the help of one another. Remember United we stand and divided we fall.

    If your baby embarrasses you before the public, are you really gonna kill that baby or disown him or her? the answer is no. So what do you do? the answer is you privately talk to your baby and continue molding him and show him or her the right path and the advantages of goods against evil. Let us be patriotic and upbring our motherland because no one will come from another country to do it for us.

    We should be united for the sake of development and show the bad guys their wrong doing hence urge them to reform. Rob Prophet says One love and May Jah protect Uganda and us the proud Ugandans.

  9. This is one airline i will stay well away from. With the level of corruption, they will probably buy junk aeroplanes. Secondly, it wont a surprise if you think you are going to take off and trhere is no engine.

  10. Re-awakening Uganda airlines?! The other day extension of railway to Congo, Burundi and South Sudan in the shortest period possible. Haaa , i personally doubt. They were sold bse were not profitable and now viable? What a vision was? Instead of improving them were buried. They want to swindle more money through dubious procurements to fund 2016 campaigns,

  11. All these comments suggest for one thing, discontent! Ask one question, Is Uganda colonized?

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