UK Thieving Ugandans Sentenced

Ruth Nabuguzi

A family of Ugandan nkuba-kyeyo‘ in the UK that stole at least £4 million from taxpayers in a 20-year scam, was sentenced to a total of 19 years by Judge Nicholas Ainley at Croydon Crown Court in South London, yesterday.

The judge accused the family of African fraudsters of an ‘outrageous abuse of the hospitality’ shown to them by Britain as they were jailed for stealing £4million from taxpayers.

During a six-week trial four defendants, all from East London, pleaded not guilty to a string of fraud and asylum application offences.

Dennis Kyeyune, 29, and Lamulah Sekiziyuvu, 36, were both given sentences totaling 30 months, while Jordan Sebutemba, 26 – a mother of children aged five and 11 months – was spared jail and given a one-year sentence suspended for two years.

The judge told both Kyeyune and Sebutemba,”‘It must have been dispiriting for the jury to listen to both of you in the witness box just lying and lying consistently. Kyeyune held much of the paperwork and Sebutemba, you were a trusted confederate.”

Albert Kaidi, 27, was also given a 30-month sentence and told he had ‘lied’ about being from Rwanda when he was a native of Uganda.

Yesterday those found guilty were joined in the dock by four other gang members who had earlier pleaded guilty to numerous offences.

The other guilty fraudsters included Ruth Nagubuzi, 49, who managed to claim £2,280,000 in HIV/Aids medication for herself and in four other identities, which investigators believe she has sold for vast profit in Uganda.

Nagubuzi was given a total of six years imprisonment and told that an immigration tribunal would look at her right to remain in the UK.


The mastermind, Nabuguzi created fake identities for up to 100 children to milk the benefit system and also claimed to suffer from HIV and require costly drugs – but in reality sent them back home to be sold for huge profits costing the UK taxpayer more than £2 million.

During their six-week trial, a jury heard how the group ‘conspired together to create, use and exploit’ false identities in order to carry out the staggering fraud.

Prosecutor Paul Raudnitz said: ‘The tentacles of this fraud went far and wide for many, many years. Each defendant at different times joined the conspiracy.’

Nabuguzi left for the UK in 1991 and claimed asylum for herself and four children she had left here.

Three years later, she used the name Jane Namusisi to apply for asylum again – along with two more children. In 1999 – using the name Pauline Zalwango – she applied once more, this time with three children.

She is believed to have regularly travelled back home and bought at least three properties in and around the capital Kampala.

Dennis Kyeyune, 29, is thought to be Nabuguzi’s son or nephew. Other members of the gang include Jordan Sebutemba, 26, thought to be Nabuguzi’s daughter or niece; Albert Kaidi, a former partner of Sebutemba who is believed to be from Rwanda; and Lamulah Sekiziyuvu, 36, a former partner of both Keyuyne and Kaidi.

Kyeyune, Sebutemba, Kaidi and Sekiziyuvu were found guilty of various fraud offences yesterday.

Nurse Lina Katongola, 29, was given a one-year prison term and Eddie Semanda, 31, was given a four-month prison term, suspended for one year, over a false naturalisation application.

Investigators from the UK Border Agency have visited Kampala to try to identify properties bought by Nagubuzi and her gang. However, it is believed that in a bid to avoid land registry detection in the African country she has ordered that some of her homes are not finished by builders so they cannot be officially ‘signed off’ by building inspectors.

Rachel Bennett from the UK Border Agency said, “These convictions show we will leave no stone unturned in our effort to bring to justice those who seek to abuse our immigration system.”




8 thoughts on “UK Thieving Ugandans Sentenced

  1. Kikka! I am a Ugandan with British Citizenship. I paid over £20,000 in Tax last hence I am disgusted by greedy people like these.

  2. Seya steals from USA. Nabuguzi mercilessly steals from UK, Bad Black uses sex to steal from another UK national, Kazinda steals money meant for Karamoja, Lwamafa pays his ghosts, ehhhhh…..Ugandans are proudly thieves. Anything we lay our hands on qualifies to be stolen

  3. This is a true reflection of many Ugandans. Most of us have become corrupt and then we claim that those in government are the ones who are corrupt or committing fraud.

    The most corrupt Ugandans are the ‘nkuba-kyeyos in these Western countries, first they falsely claim asylum or engage in fake marriages to get status this doesn’t exclude those who claim to be savd or born again , in fact they are the majority , corruption and fraud rules the day in most Ugandan churches in these countries. some Pastors are concocting stories for their members to go and fleece the west.

    I have seen many on the the streets of London and Boston demonstrating against Museveni carrying placards with writings such as ” You are Corrupt” or “you are a murderer’, but many of them actually are pointing three fingers back to themselves.
    Some woman walked out of the abortion clinic in Boston still smelling and dripping blood and was seen carrying a placard that read Museveni you are a murderer.

    Shameless men and women are abandoning their wives, husbands, family and remarrying.

  4. Is it by coincidence that all these fraudsters in uganda and abroad are from central and western uganda??Most of the nice houses in kampala were built with stolen tax money,laundered money

  5. abana muyiya, since 1900 the british ripped us of everything and now its time to take back what belonged to us…….. salute the heroes …… lol a white man made AIDS and now we use the same disease to conn u out of ur money

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