Unhappy Americans ask to breakaway from the U.S

Barack Obama, president re-elect of the USA

More than 100,000 Americans have petitioned the White House to allow their states to secede from the US, after President Barack Obama’s re-election.

The appeals were filed on the White House’s We the People website. Most of the 20 states with petitions voted for Republican Mitt Romney.

The US constitution contains no clause allowing states to leave the union.

In total, more than 20 petitions have been filed. One for Texas has reached the 25,000-signature threshold at which the White House promises a response. By Monday night the White House had not responded.

‘Blatant abuses’

The last time states officially seceded, the US Civil War followed.

Most of the petitions merely quote the opening line of America’s Declaration of Independence from Britain, in which America’s founders stated their right to “dissolve the political bands” and form a new nation.

Currently, the most popular petition is from Texas, which voted for Mr. Romney by some 15 percentage points more than it did for the Democratic incumbent.

The text complains of “blatant abuses” of Americans’ rights.

It cites the Transportation Security Administration, whose staff  have been accused of intrusive screening at airports.


9 thoughts on “Unhappy Americans ask to breakaway from the U.S

  1. If there is no peace, justice and respect for human rights, then why is US fighting wars of peace and human rights all over the world? lol Children wake up we gat a foul play. Pray to Jah all the time the WICKED will be put to light. One love children

  2. un less usa was an accidental phenomena to come into being,there is no way seccession can solve the problems of the aggrieved, for obama’s re-election.tolerancy and unity in diversity is the only core issue to keep america together.loose together in success,and win together in loss.obama is here 4 four years only and this alone can not un do the hard won unity that the usa has been enjoying.God Bless America.

  3. China is better than USA, United states of America is on the verge of disintegration as some states start to clamour for secession due to intolerance of the last concluded national election. they have no moral authority to criticise Chinese political developments.

  4. I agree with you Arthur. Personally i think that people should always accept defeat when they have lost genuinely and not incite the aggrieved to start a civil war. Unitl then, peace will prevail.

    Cong’s tp Prezzie Barack Obama. We have him in prayer and he will lead the US with integrity and developments

  5. If the USSR broke up at the aftermath of the cold war in 1991, why a hell doesn’t the US too break up?

    1. Don’t think Obama suports homosexuals. He is just tolorant to people who are different otherwise he would not be married to M

  6. Obama has hidden motives and that why people want to free the US. First of all he supports homosexuality. May God save us from his ill motives.

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