Doctors Baryomunsi, Onzivua Released

Dr Baryomunsi called Museveni 'a cattle keeper'
Dr Baryomunsi called Museveni ‘a cattle keeper’

Kinkizi East Member of Parliament Chris Baryomunsi and Mulago Hospital Doctor Sylvestre Onzivua were on Monday afternoon released on a non-cash bail of Sh 1 million each by the Buganda Road Chief Magistrate in Kampala.

Baryomunsi and Onzivua were charged with conspiracy to commit a felony after they tried to illegally get hold of the Late Cerinah Nebanda’s body samples after a post mortem at Mulago Hospital.

Cerinah Nebanda, the former Butaleja woman Member of Parliament passed away on December 14th and her death has ruffled some feathers on Uganda’s political scene with many questioning the cause of her death.

A charge of abuse of office was also slapped on Mulago Hospital Dr Sylvestre Onzivua.

Dr Onzivua was arrested at Entebbe International Airport as he attempted to smuggle body samples of the late MP for further examination in South Africa.

Abdu Katuntu, Bugweri Member of Parliament and Mukasa Mbide represented Baryomunsi while Members of Parliament stood surety for the two doctors.

The two doctors’ representatives said it was unfortunate that the two had been held in custody beyond the 48 hours provided for by the constitution.

On Monday, President Yoweri Museveni while addressing the press over the MP’s death accused Baryomunsi and some of his colleagues of stealing the late Nebanda’s blood samples and called those spreading rumors the government could have had a hand in the death as “fools, idiots and manipulative crooks”

Baryomunsi was arrested on Monday together with Kampala Central Member of Parliament Muhammed Nsereko over statements they made at the funeral of the deceased legislator.

However, after being released Baryomunsi allegedly said that “whoever calls others “idiots”, “fools” can only be a “cattlekeeper”.

The two are expected to appear in Court on January 28th next year.








7 thoughts on “Doctors Baryomunsi, Onzivua Released


  2. i hope you guys won’t be intimedated this were elected by the people not by M7.We want to see guys like you who talk for the ones they love.the war is still going on.God bless you.

  3. for sure you Doctors were mislead by the parliament, and the parliament acted beyond its power/role… otherwise it is the duty of police to investigate cases and to carry out prosecution.

    1. But linos, who told you that the doctors were investigating with intetion to carry out prosecution? People like you need to be educated that the doctors were only doing what is required of them to carry out tests to find out the cause of Nebanda’s death and NOT who killed her, because then then duty to find out who killed her is for your policee that you treasure so much.

  4. In the present circumstances – where ‘politics seems to be getting dirtier by the day, our country – and Africa – needs the few doctors/scientists/engineers/professionals more outside politics!

    Not that politics must always be a preserve for others and lumpens. The problem is that in our current blind obsession with so called ‘democracy’ – where every one above 18 and with something resembling A-level can shout her/his way into parliament – it has, at national level, been infiltrated by many ignorums, gold seekers, influence peddlers and all sorts of characters.
    Part of the problem is in the numbers. Why must we have so many of these parliamentarians? What is their productivity – and is the cost worth the productivity we get out of the numbers? Do we realise that numbers attract even incompetent and irresponsible fellows to the so called honurable house?
    In this craze, we have had our good professionals messed up as they get overwhelmed by acts of others. Look at this Dr. Baryomunsi: He very well knows in this world there are fools and idiots. Is it really correct to say whoever uses those words must be a “cattle keeper”? Dr. please keep your cool and don’t let those ‘others’ contaminate you. We might otherwise not ‘tell the difference’.
    Happy New year.
    Eng Kant Ateenyi – Pan Africanist.

  5. Mr Linos you are probably right in what you are saying but the problem is that the police envisaged by the 1995 constitution of uganda is not what we have on the actual ground nowadays and thats why the other day you saw on Tv one of the framers of this constitution Justice prof Kanyeihamba crying profusely while commenting on this very touchy subject! No doubt Something is terribly wrong and am afraid that this growing attrition and mistrust between the arms of the state will wreck this country. We certainly need to sober up as peoples of uganda and address our selves to the core issues why we entered this union called uganda. otherwise very soon some tribes might opt out of this geographic expression called uganda which is even slowly being taken possession of by some individual persons! For God and my country.

  6. We must respect our president, as our religion tell us.
    But a president have many representatives,LCS-Min, Police ,Defence chiefs. for that our preside should leave such
    tuff situationb with his security personel so that he does not colide with roling stones in his way. It is now a big shame the way people write in the news pper, these are created by pple.
    many people can notice the overstay, but every one should use a beter language like plse our beloved psi, why do not you think about Gadafi and Mubaraka,? Why dont you join the club of blinging a good musika for you before you die.and so many. but all my beloved ugandans who write in the news pper,try to teach than bra bra bra bcze fire+ gasoline is very diffcult to stop. Ndi mugezi nga muburile

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