Tear Gas Rocks Mbale As Nsereko Is Released On Bail

Muhammad Nsereko Kampala central MP
Muhammad Nsereko Kampala central MP

The Uganda Police was on Monday afternoon involved in running battles with a group of lawmakers who were accompanying Kampala Central Member of Parliament Mohammed Nsereko to celebrate his freedom after he was released on bail by the Tororo Chief Magistrate Mr Charles Emuriat.

The Kampala lawmaker was arrested on Christmas Eve over remarks he made at the funeral of fallen Butaleja Woman MP Cerinah Nebanda who passed away on December 14 at Mukwaya General Clinic in Kampala.

After his release, Nsereko together with the Leader of Opposition in Parliament Nandala Mafabi and other Parliamentarians stormed Mbale where Nsereko was expected to address a public rally.

The fleet of vehicles Nsereko and his colleagues were traveling in drew the attention of boda boda riders and other members of the public who poured on to the streets of Mbale town which forced Police to fire teargas in an attempt to disperse the surging crowds.

Nsereko of the ruling NRM, who during the run in with Police was flashing the V sign associated with the opposition is charged with uttering statements aimed at inciting violence while at the funeral of Nebanda in Butaleja. Nsereko refuted the autopsy report into the death of the MP that showed chemicals such as cocaine, alcohol and heroin were found in the late MP’s body samples.

Nsereko was held at Police’s Special Investigation’s Unit in Kireka after his arrest and was transferred to Morukatipe Prison, Tororo District on Friday.

Bunyole MP Emmanuel Dombo, Nandala Mafabi, the leader of opposition in Parliament, Mariam Nalubega stood surety for the Kampala MP.

On Friday, Buganda Road Court released another MP Chris Baryomunsi and Dr Onzivua Sylvestre who were also arrested over the death of the former MP.

Dr Onzivua was arrested for attempting to smuggle body parts of the late MP to South Africa for further examination and was charged alongside Baryomunsi with conspiracy to commit felony when they tried to get hold of Nebanda’s body parts.

Nsereko’s case resumes on January 31, 2013.

10 thoughts on “Tear Gas Rocks Mbale As Nsereko Is Released On Bail

  1. it is true the government has made mistakes, but our mps have also behave like school children. dr baryomusi did report of alcohol smelling substances that were found in the stomach.

  2. This is some kind of Prison Break we have some kind of Special Agents, the likes of Alex Mahone, Paul etc… Book writers and movie script writers your time is ripe pen down stuff our grand children will read and watch.

  3. i thought Ugandans had a freedom of speech…so they do why did they a rest Nsereko? i think where Uganda is heading is not good..when u begin resting people like Nsereko the government shows its rophole..

  4. Nsereko is being sold countrywide by police. soon you will see him from kisoro prison. go on mr k.k.

  5. i love my country but i hate when the leader says my sons are idiots “NRM MP’s”
    what kind of the president do we
    have in Uganda? i loved him but now i am off to kiffefe

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