Otafire Funded Muntu Campaigns – Mafabi

Leader of Opposition in Parliament Nandala Mafabi
Leader of Opposition in Parliament Nandala Mafabi

Defeated Forum for Democratic Change Presidential candidate and Leader of opposition in Parliament Nathan Nandala Mafabi, has accused the new party president, Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu, of receiving financial support from Uganda’s minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs. Maj Gen Kahinda Otafiire of the ruling NRM.

Mafabi made these allegations in an eight-page petition he lodged with FDC Chairman Sam Njuba last week.

In the petition, Mafabi’s alleges that Titus Kisambira, an ‘aide’ to Otafiire, dished out money to party delegates who had gathered at Namboole Stadium on the election day and urged them to vote for Muntu.

“He [Kisambira] was seen giving out money to people, and promising that if they voted Gen Muntu, then his colleagues in NRM would join FDC,” the petition reads.

However the petition falls short of stating the amount of money Kisambira allegedly distributed, it gives the impression that Muntu’s team was in cahoots with some people in the NRM.

Justice Minister Otafiire has since distanced himself from allegations that he played a part in Muntu’s election, dismissing the allegations as wild.

“I know him [Kisambira] but he is not my assistant. He is a poor man who does not have money. He works at the Pan-African Movement where I happen to be the chairman,” Otafiire said.

Mugisha Muntu also said he did not know Kisambira and was not aware that money was used at the polling venue.

“For me, I was inside; I could not have known what took place outside. You can ask those in charge of security to get you more details,” Muntu said.

Mugisha Muntu became FDC’s new president replacing Rtd Col. Dr Kiiza Besigye when he defeated Mafabi by 33 votes during the November 22 election held at Namboole.

The two party stalwarts developed misunderstanding after the election with Mafabi accusing Muntu’s team of foul play with the latter denying any wrong doing. This election has left the party divided and efforts to reconcile the two have since hit a snag.

27 thoughts on “Otafire Funded Muntu Campaigns – Mafabi

  1. I sincerly see nothing wrong with Otafire helping Muntu, they have been frns for long bt only divided by their political ideaology. Mafabi shd look for another reason

  2. The only thing that can save you Hon Nandala is to desert that NRM money powered party other wise you will be like the likes of Mayombo, Nebanda etc. Ugandans you have seen that FDC cant change Uganda but will deepen Uganda more in the hands of the M7’s and company.

  3. My God what a bad looser Mafabi is. Thank God he did not wine, such a cry baby would kill the party. You lost, be a man and does it matter where money comes from provided it is not illegal. Does is smell because it is from Otafiire? Just lick your wounds man.

    1. Imagine what kind of President Hon.Mafabi would be! Better get down to work and forget that kind of nonsense. There are things that are not supposed to be uttered carelessly just because you are a looser!! Stye up man…….Gen.Muntu is a man you would never win in a free and fair election in Uganda and so swallow your pride and accept the bitter truth, join hands and work for the party for God and Uganda with its people. “One Uganda one people”.

    2. What’s wrong with you Peter, fdc has to be independent that means no money from nrm. Any one getting money from nrm is a mole. Mafabi please expose these goons we behind you

      1. You people are just too small minded for me to even bother with my comments. A man with integrity such as Muntu to be discussed by small minded people is very disappointing!

  4. Mr Mafabi, you better accept that u were defeated, and Muntu is a better choice than u!!!!! Whats wrong with u people in opposition??? May be u are the one that has been bribed to disorganise FDC??????? Better shutup or leave !!!!!.

    1. Well said. Hon. Mafabi style up and be a good loser. Its time to build your party and stop bickering ober such a trivial matter.

  5. The FDC party will remain “a Forum for disigrantled” until it is further subdivided by itself. Bety Kamya left now Nandala and group are on the exit. Time will tell, come back to NRM and your sins will be washed and forgiven.

    1. Welcome home and join what the brains like Salaam Musumba tasting now.
      Where will all this stress take you??

  6. Must one be president before mobilizing for the party??? can’t mafabi contribute in another capacity really??? Why the endless bickering, should I RATHER go back to NRM???

  7. FFE mugisha muntu kasita yawangula netumanya nti fdc efudde,ani adda musengavudemu nga zeemu ooyo ? wamma nze kabaka yekkaaa,,,,,,.

  8. Besigye, Muntu, Kazoora and Now money from Otafiire, These are the same people Mafabi you can’t separate them. Form your own Party

  9. There is something wrong with Nandala Mafabi and from today onwards i am not going to read anything or where his name appears because of all people he is the one who does not want new people to join FDC? If Otafire supported Muntu what was wrong with that/ What is wrong with having friends from other parties join FDC? Nandala should get out of FDC and start his own party ehere he can satisfy his interest. Bogus to him

  10. Now my dear Hon. Mafabi, whats wrong with Gen.Muntu getting money from Hon.Otafire? It would be the NRM guys blaming Otafire to found a person who is in another party. how do u know that Hon. Otafire could be one of u coming 20016? Is it bad to get such a big man from another party?

  11. incredible. mafabi was not fit to lead FDC. coz he is used of cheap politics. I cant see any wrong doing for otafire to support Gen. muntu.

  12. Any time you want to play football it does not matter day or night the goal posts remain the same this KINTU was not yours in the first place wake up Mr Nadala even the next person may be Ottaaaaaaaaf

  13. I used to respect Hon.Nandala Mafabi,but with such a a woman cry,I have to re adjust my respect for him.Why cant he atleast copy /learn from the recent US concluded elections where Gov.Mitt Roomney never wasted our time by crying foul play.
    He conceded defeat and life went on.
    Hon.Mafabi wake up.

  14. To my good friend Hon.Mafabi, What’s wrong with Otafiire funding Muntu? where were you getting your funds from? Why dont you gracefully accept defeat like Muntu used to accept when Besigye defeated him so that you try your luck next time. We tried of these politics of “I EITHER WIN OR THEY LOSE” and in any case it would be a good and a fat boast if Otafiire and the likes joined FDC so as to change this nausty regime collectively other wise ONE UGANDA, ONE PEOPLE,

    1. Am dis-appointed in Hon Mafabi’s tantrums, instead of of accounting for the millions he spent and their sources, he is busy accounting for the Gen Muntu team is that the transparency he has been preaching? Mafabi, give us a break until you learn how to handle your defeat.

  15. And the last tym i checked, Muntu also belonged to Pan African Movement…wat wrong did Kisambira commit, if at all he did, in helping his comrade?? Only pray that Mafabi be a gentle looser…

  16. I think Hon. Mafabi should appreciate that even NRM was able to see potential in his rival: a sign that FDC will take over the NRM- then why the hullabaloo

  17. Mr.mafabi is loosing Political Capital by making wild allegations,who will trust you in future to steer the party.you have wasted that golden opportunity of replacing Mr.Muntu

  18. People went to school and became but not learned. So that’s Hon. Mafabi.Those are some of reasons as to why the West and Europe will plan what to do here on our land to benefit themselves,because we don’t concetrate on matters which help us to develop but only personal issues.That’s why most politicians end up failing to manage their own issues.Only going to the West asking for help whic brings more confusion.Uganda watch men like Hon. Mafabi and decide for a better Uganda.For God and my country.

  19. I think Mafaabi is doing a great job in winding up FDC, and sooner or later, he will also be accused of receiving money FROM NRM to destroy FDC, he is not going lightly and is with a mind set ” If cannot have it, no one should”

  20. Mafabi should only accept defeat and aim at developing the party, otherwise we may not really go with such false accusations. Let FDC start planing early to oust NRM since they have started dying one by one. I pray the likes of Sekikubl, Chris, Wilfred come and join us before the also die mysteriously.

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