Stop Speculating, Kayihura Warns Public Over Nebanda Death

Inspector General of Police Lt Gen Kale Kayihura has warned members of the public against making reckless statements with regard to the death of Butaleja Woman Member of Parliament Cerinah Nebanda.

Nebanda was pronounced dead on Friday 14th December after two men and a nurse delivered her to Mukwaya General Hospital in Nsambya, in Kampala.

In a statement released yesterday, the police chief advises the public to wait for the results of the investigations being carried out by the police to ascertain the cause of the lawmaker’s death.

“We strongly caution persons who, since the death of the Hon Nebanda, have been making reckless, irresponsible, misleading, unfounded, and insensitive statements in the media, as well as in public meetings, to stop this dangerous trend forthwith.” The statement reads in part

Kayihura warns that these statements are capable of failing police in its investigative work

“Such utterances, among other things, have the effect of interfering with, and/or undermining the integrity of the Police investigation. We wish to advise such persons that there are laws that protect Police investigations, and we shall not hesitate to take action against anybody violating these laws.” The Police chief adds

Kayihura has also appealed to members of the public who could have any information related to the case to come forward and help in police investigations

“Whoever has any useful information about the tragic death of the Hon Nebanda should bring to the Police to assist us in our investigation.” He urged.

The IGP’s statement reiterates the President’s warning to the public that government would arrest anyone spreading unfounded rumours that it had a hand in the MP’s death.

The president made these remarks while addressing a press conference at State House Entebbe.

“When you malign the government and interfere with the work of the police and you spread lies, then, the laws can handle you because police investigations are protected by the law” the President Warned.

8 thoughts on “Stop Speculating, Kayihura Warns Public Over Nebanda Death

  1. Yes, stop speculating!!indeed,But who started it,How can a whole president of a nation go to the family of the dead mp and say we did not kill her??And you Kaihura yo are acting as if they are no qualified police constables to handle this case, you go to the boyfriends Muzigo to stop journalists from taking pictures,OH no give us a break,What are figting with,there is a problem if not,check the way your acting!! Katemba yoka

  2. How can the Uganda police lose something they’ve never had, “INTEGRITY”? Someone tell me.

  3. Mr Kayihura, recall that during Buddo Infernal that saw the death of twenty children and where parents discovered two bodies male adults. .You are the one who intimidated parents that whoever will talk abount the incident will be arrested. You are the same person blocking investigation of the death of the MP by blocking the Doctor from going to South Africa. Mr Kayihura what do you benefit in blocking evidence from people who have lost their dear ones unless you have crue on what transpires. How many investigations have been conducted by police force but have never been pulished officially? But soon or later time will tell.

  4. I feel tears in my eyes,God should intervene and help us.It has gone an extra mile.why not allow him to take samples en find out what exactly killed our independent minded lawmaker.Oh God help us.

  5. At tyms i pity kayihura and the nabakoobas.since they want to please their boss they are even forced to openly defend something that is also hurting people know the truth ate if you had kept quiet the public wouldnt have over english we have a saying that geos.’The guilty are conscience,’some things that these poeple are doing are making us mo suspicious each day

  6. It is because of the suspious way the police has handled this whole issue that let people speculate. Infact if they cannot handle this let them leave it to the family and friends.

  7. Our Uganda police, what has happened, we are now moving back to the past dark days, if the government is clean then why refuse the doctor to go abroad to check the sample, we are completely losing trust in our government, let them remember that Uganda is for Ugandans and people are watching, one day you will be gone and your Grand kids will pay back, please lets avoid that when it’s too early. in conclusion I say that may be the government may know evey thing that happed because they have double standards

  8. Mr.Kayihura ,i respect u bt on da side of stoping ugandans to speculate about da death of cerinah Nebanda wil b a big task to go about.Ugandans get News 4rm Radio stations,Tv Stations en da Press.

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