Suretelcom Launches as Latest GSM Operator in Uganda

Suretelcom Uganda, the country’s newest telecommunications provider, has conducted its first GSM call.

Suretelcom is a subsidiary of Timeturns Holdings, which also operates or has licences in Nepal, Cambodia, Burundi, Tanzania, Sierra Leone and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

CEO Upendra Mahato of Timeturns said the penetration levels in Uganda are still relatively low, with less than 40 percent of people having a mobile phone.

He said the new entrant looks forward to being able to provide all Ugandans with a quality service and affordable voice and data services.


4 thoughts on “Suretelcom Launches as Latest GSM Operator in Uganda

  1. you are welcome but please make sure you provide ugandans with the best. And please let us know how we can access your products ie office location

  2. Welcome aboard. I hope that this will be another opportunity for Ugandans to enjoy lower call rates.

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