Zari Openly Denies Dating Lugudde

Isaac Lugudde

Socialite Zari Hassan has bitterly ended her romance with Ugandan basketball player Isaac Lugudde fueling rumours that she could be heading back to her ex Ivan Semwanga.

In an official statement on Twitter on Monday evening, Zari tweeted, “Official statement: Am not getting married neither am I dating Lugudde! My apologies 2 all parties involved! My kids & work r my priorities!”

To which Isaac responded saying, “Now that should set the record straight for those that thought we were together or what have u! Finally n thanks for making it clear! No need for apologies, PLZ just don’t mention my name in your tweets! Damnnnnn”

Isaac further added, “Its f***ed how people get used n played in the name of “attention” but it is what it is! Life goes on! Lol”

Sources close to Zari say that she decided to end her brief public fling with Isaac after Ivan reportedly bought a multi-million yacht in South Africa last week for his Christmas boat cruise in Uganda.

Ivan had also said that if Zari took him back, he would buy her the latest white Rolls Royce as a thank you gift.

Ivan Semwanga is the father to Zari’s three sons and she recently left him on grounds of domestic violence a few months after a lavish introduction ceremony in Kampala early this year.

20 thoughts on “Zari Openly Denies Dating Lugudde

  1. money or love what do those two in common. waama sorry isaac for being picked and dumped like a dol…. lol….

  2. Lugudde, you used now also be used……if the initials J.E. remind you of something…players being played lol

    1. we are tired of pple like zari manya Ivan.dnt pple have beta things to talk about.who cares who sleeps with who.l dont care

  3. when i read such stories, i get less heart broken. it is bad enough to be dumped and worse if your dumping gets media attention. but what on earth was isaac thinking?

  4. more, the thing of chics falling for sports stars works in high school. after school it MONEY brother

  5. isaac is a real man………………..A hero………….. Rutakigwa. after all zari is too old for Luggudde

    1. Joab, what is your description of a real man? one who waits for rich women to come around? i just wish him luck with that tattoo of BOSS LADY

  6. I knew it, it was just a game been played by Zari with Lugudde to hurt Ivan
    But believe me, there Is no a woman who will ever live father her kids forever while his still alive
    Zari Just get back to your husband, remember you have baby boys they need to be close to their dad…

  7. I don’t think the trick of Zari to date Lugudde to bring Ivan on his knees was a good one. How sure is she that Ivan has forgiven her if she decides to walk back to him. Zari be careful because your beauty can be turned into something any one in this world may never have thought of.

  8. It’s quite regreatable that such private matters are thrown into the lime light! Yes, the two are celebs of sorts but why on earth don’t the so called celebs learn from the TRUE Celebs in the diaspora? Sorry for Isaac, indeed what did he expect from such a money vampire like her!!

    She’s better off worked up in her marriage because she chose that and should stick to staying in it for her kids sake rather than for goodies! Ivan will never respect that lady if she went back just because of toys! Deep down he knows, the day that money walks out on him is the day ZARI EXITS FOR LIFE! God Bless them!!!!

  9. I enjoy the comments more than the article itself.Thumbs up for all the commenters and thumbs down for Zari,Isaac and Ivan.

  10. Ironically,Lugudde has a ‘live and learn’ tattoo on his upper abdomen. Shit happens live and learn.

    1. Zari leave this baby alone you are too old for this boy get a life and stay with your Ivan please

  11. Hi Zari, Ivan,
    I think since your money is of no value to anyone but you and your household, I don’t think you deserve any media time,or public attention. And seeing as this is the case, I am surprised that the tabloids even give you that honor. Ivan you deserve to be a public figure by the mare fact that you could represent Uganda.

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