Angry Kenyans Give MPs Mock ‘State Funerals’

kenya ni kwetu lobby burn 221 coffins on 16-01-2013
kenya ni kwetu lobby burn 221 coffins on 16-01-2013

The Kenyan lobby group that is against the way Kenyan MPs are trying to get away with ridiculous retirement demands held a mock funeral ceremony in protest in Nairobi on Wednesday.

Kenya Ni Kwetu Lobby group organized members of the public to demonstrate against the recent bill passed by the outgoing Kenyan MPs ahead of the upcoming elections in March this year.

The angry Kenyans marched through Nairobi dragging 221 coffins, one for each of the 221 former MPs of the 10th Parliament. In their large numbers, they marched into the Central Business District, from Uhuru Park, in their hundreds mourning and chanting corrupted gospel songs against the MPs, accusing them of greed and corruption in a ceremony never witnessed before.

When they arrived outside the Kenyan Parliament buildings, they piled the coffins and burnt them to ashes to signify cremation following the death of impunity of the August House that stood accused in the court of public opinion.

“We need a change and so we decided to burn these 221 caskets. Kenyans have had enough and we are not going to take any more of their greed,” said Christine Ombasa, one of the demonstrators.

“If you are coming to Parliament, you are coming to work not award yourself huge amounts of money,” she stressed.

Before the entourage made its way into the city a disdainful funeral service was held.

A terrifying ‘bishop’ with a coal black mask and an equally dark robe took to the podium and a jeering prayer was made.

“We come before you to bury the ill manners of our leaders. They asked for a State funeral and we thought it fit to give them their heart’s desires,” jeered the bishop.

“We also ask you to give them diplomatic passports so that they can use them as they go into the afterlife,” he added.

As business in the CBD came to a standstill curious onlookers stuck their heads through bus windows flashing their phones to take photos. Others took to their office windows to catch a glimpse of the action.

Another group decided to join in the frenzy but demanded to know why there were 221 coffins yet Parliament had 222 members.

“The law prohibits us from anticipating the death of the Head of State,” was the simple answer from the organisers.

They were particularly incensed by a bid by former MPs to award themselves a Sh9.3 million send off package, which was rejected by President Mwai Kibaki.

 Additional info: Capital FM – Kenya

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