Bad Black’s Bail Revoked

The Court of Appeal has issued a fresh arrest warrant for former city socialite, Shanita Namuyibwa aka Bad Black over failure to respect the terms of her bail which included reporting to the office of the registrar every two weeks.

The presiding judge has thrown out her appeal against the sentence and says she must serve the full four year sentence in prison as earlier handed down.

Bad Black is currently in Dubai where she had gone for treatment after she developed complications with her breast implants during her imprisonment in Luzira Prison.

She was released on Sh100 million bail which she had failed to raise but managed to do so with the help of her mentor, Halima Namakula.

Bad Black was sentenced to four years in prison, early last year, after she was found guilty of  defrauding  Daveshan Development Limited with her her colleague Medie Sentongo.

5 thoughts on “Bad Black’s Bail Revoked

  1. She is a lousy lot. She should have steered free from contraversy and the Press. Now she boasts of how she was enjoying herself in Dubai to the chagrin of the magistrates.

  2. Why would a criminal raise lots of attention and waste a lot of our precious time?God help the perl of Africa

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