Cayenne Bar Closed Over Sewage

Cayenne Bar In Bukoto has been closed over its sewage problem
Cayenne Bar In Bukoto has been closed over its sewage problem

The posh Cayenne bar in Bukoto may no longer be that classy, thanks to its uncontrollable sewage.

On Tuesday last week, officials from the health standards unit in Kampala Capital City Authority won a long running battle with the bar owners that saw the former closing it until the latter fixed their drainage system that has been a menace to the surrounding areas.

Neighbours to the Bukoto based Cayenne complained to KCCA in November last year and the city authorities in turn alerted the management but to no avail. The Tuesday raid was the last stroke that broke the stubborn cayenne horse’s bar and closed over poor hygiene.

It is said, the fear of a massive cholera outbreak forced the KCCA officials to move in swiftly and act so quickly in order to save lives of its neighbours and potential patrons.

KCCA publicist Robert Kalumba confirmed the development and said they were waiting for the review report from KCCA health experts in order to determine whether the bar should be reopened

Sources say the bar management tried in vain to appeal to the KCCA deputy director for legal affairs Mr Charles Ouma who shoved them aside because he is no nonsense.




5 thoughts on “Cayenne Bar Closed Over Sewage

    1. they should also check on the smoking regulations whereby they don’t care about the non-smokers

  1. When Kabira was emitting a stench in bukoto, nothing was done by KCCA, today they are closing cayenne. When it rains, 70% of property owners release sewage into the road, nothing is done. Can we say these guys are working hard?

  2. This place is very badly managed anyway. On my recent visit to Uganda i went there with a few friends for a drink. There was this ugandan bar attendant that totally refused to serve us as he was busy chatting with some white girls. We later asked the indian who was guarding the cash point to get us a waiter and he too refused. To be recognised as a client there you must be white or indian or atleast mixed blood. Terrible experience

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