Fugitive Desh Kananura Arrested

Desh Kananura
Desh Kananura

Kampala businessman Desh Kananura who has been on the run for alleged murder of his employee, was arrested as he checked in at Entebbe Airport on Thursday night.

Desh was handcuffed and briefly detained at the Airport Police Station upon arrival and later transferred to the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) in Kireka, Kampala, under tight security for grilling.

Deputy Police Spokesperson Vincent Ssekate on Friday morning confirmed Kananura’s arrest, “We have Kananura in our custody. That’s all I can say for now. Details will come later.”

Kananura has since last year been on the run after allegedly torturing to death his employee, Badru Kateregga, at his Panamera Bar and Restaurant in Naguru, a Kampala suburb.

He was also wanted for torturing several other employees who worked at the bar.

Although the bar was closed for a while, as Police carried out their investigations, it has since been reopened but business has been slow at the once popular bar.


3 thoughts on “Fugitive Desh Kananura Arrested

  1. kananura has a plan, u wait. this is just meant to be a formality so he can settle the relatives.

  2. Saw him in Kampala the other day, i was wondering if the police would actually arrest him or he was one of those untouchables. This “he has been on the run statement” is often misused. The other day they said Lyomoki was on the run but the guy was appearing on talk shows and holding press conferences.

  3. Is this Desh Kananura brother to the deceased Nsega? if so, this family needs our prayers.

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