I Dont Seek Attention, It Finds Me – Zari

Zari hs denied being an attention seeker
Zari has denied being an attention seeker

City Socialite Zari Hassan has told Red Pepper Online that she is not an attention seeker as many have claimed.

Her active presence on social media coupled with philanthropy has led many to claim she only wants to be known and talked about. However in an exclusive, Zari says attention finds her rather than her seeking it.

Zari who is now in South Africa also confirmed to our reporter that she is back with her on and off Hubby Ivan Semwanga.

Last year, the couple who are known to splash money made headlines when they parted ways over claims of domestic violence by Zari with each finding different lovers. However towards the end of last year, they made up.

Below is the interview

RP: Who is Zari Hassan apart from the media glitz description?

ZARI: Zari is a mother, an artist, an entrepreneur

RP: While growing up, which people did you look up to for inspiration?

ZARI: Oprah Winfrey, she has it all and isn’t ashamed to flaunt and share it

RP: I must say your recent action of donating to the orphanage was inspiring. What was the motivation behind it?

ZARI: I’ve been doing donations since 2007 but the media focuses more on drama than good cause, i do twice each year

RP: Some say you did it for attention?

Zari (C) while making a donation last year to an orphanage
Zari (C) while making a donation last year to an orphanage

ZARI: I don’t seek attention: attention always finds me!

RP: Was it a one off or we shall continue to see actions like these in the near future?

ZARI: it’s my thing I do yearly so it will definitely continue

RP: You are active on social media, what is important about it that it consumes part of your time?

ZARI: I inspire and motivate others in a way or two. It doesn’t consume time at all if it’s sharing knowledge and wisdom

RP: Most of your tweets are about God, can Uganda brace itself for a Pastor Zari?

ZARI:  lol no, we all come from somewhere and its heavenly powers that put us in positions we are in, praises are definite.

RP: What advice would you give those celebrities who seem to ignore the importance of social media?

ZARI: advice? Social media isn’t bad, I just feel if used in a right way it causes no harm.

RP: News outlets have been awash with stories about your ‘troubled’ love life. What is the real truth?

ZARI: troubled love life? It’s not. its definitely between me and Ivan and whoever makes it their business is one who thinks its troubled because they don’t know the inside story.

Zari and Ivan locking lips on Near Year, testament they are back together
Zari and Ivan locking lips on Near Year, a clear indication they are back together

RP: Can we assume that you and your hubby Ivan have buried the hatchet considering media reports you have been seen together?

ZARI: you don’t have to assume, we are ok and that’s as far as it is.

RP: Away from your love life, what happened to your music career?

ZARI: I put it on hold for a while as I was chasing bitter money but will resume sometime this year.

RP: Some people say you were scared of the intense competition in the industry which you couldn’t handle. Comment.

ZARI: intense competition, where in Uganda? hahaha….I see no threat!

RP: What do you have to say about ‘beef’ in the industry?

ZARI: beef isn’t healthy I do know that for a fact from experience though some people use it to gain a thing or two personally I don’t second  it.

RP: Talking about beef, there is talk that you and socialite Judith Heard do not see eye to eye, what is there between the two of you?

ZARI: really? We had our differences, which we settled and all is well in celebville. actually recently me & her fell badly on guvnor dance floor pulling moves, partied hard in rouge recently too with her. We are cool!

RP: Comment on Bad Black’s predicament.

ZARI: I have no comment, other peoples’ business isn’t mine, and I love staying in my lane.

RP: The reality show “The boss lady” that briefly appeared on TV, what happened to it?

ZARI: we had a delay in sponsors which slowed production so i put it on hold, am in talks with new sponsors who are promising a better deal

Zari (2nd L) at her all white Party last year
Zari (2nd L) at her all white Party last year

RP: Your money purse never seems to run out of dime, what is the secret behind it?

ZARI: www.brooklyncitycollege.co.za is where the money is genuinely, forget all speculations and what others say.

RP: Apart from the jewellery that we know, what other businesses do you run?

ZARI: I do run the jewellery shop, the renaissance man store both at garden city in Uganda, a ladies one stop store in south Africa and of course the 8 colleges,  me & my partner Ivan have  a multi-million dollar hotel under construction on sir Apollo in Uganda as well.

RP: What should the young ladies who want to be like you do?

ZARI: let them strive to be better through hard work, motivation, focus and determination.

Always know what you want, how you want it, when you want it and how to get it.

Never settle for less and always dream big. Everything starts with a dream.

Thank you for the time

ZARI: pleasure was all mine.

8 thoughts on “I Dont Seek Attention, It Finds Me – Zari

  1. U wanna ask her why she was dishing money in lugogo then? there are kids who needed that money. Well we still remember pple like Princess Diana, they were more natural and did line up media when they did some thing good.

  2. “I Dont Seek Attention, It Finds Me” This is one of the biggest lies of 2013 from Zari. For example, Zari and Ivan had to announce to Uganda that they are importing a lamborghini and other purchases that don’t benefit the public. Second example, Zari’s white party, people have to pay to chill with you. Third example, the boat cruise, people had to pay to chill with you there too. Instead of winning people over with their personality, Zari and Ivan speacialise in showing off to the public. In other words they seek attention by announcing to the world what they are going to buy or what they have bought. They pay the Ugandan media to write stories about their purchases. Zari and Ivan are not humble and are famous for eating people’s money through the white party and the boat cruise by being gold diggers. They are always trying to impress the public. If you have had exposure you wouldn’t be impressed by what Zari and Ivan are doing. I live in the USA so I have seen it all. For example, One of the actors from Twilight, Robert Pattinson is worth more than Zari and Ivan combined, he can buy anything his heart desires but he bought a used car two times from craigs list.

  3. Pliz let zari liv ha lyf liv d way she feels i lyk it ….shez beta dan Kanzinda,Cheeye,Mbabazi,& other group of pipo mismanaging our economy…….Tanx 4 d donations…………..

  4. From her responses,I think Zari is more intelligent than I expected her to be,and for the ill commenters,I don’t think you would have been any different from her is you were in her shoes.
    As this young lady said,she doesn’t kunonooza what’s not in her lane,so why don’t haters stick to your lanes and let this young woman show off what she has managed to achieve?How many times have we read in these papers about billion ears like the muhwezi’s and likes donating to charity?Where do you find a problem in Zari or hubby lining up posh cars that either belong to them or for paparazzi?
    Banauganda mukomye ennugu and do what benefits you and keep your bloody noses out of people’s businesses.
    And for this American so called wanna be,bambi you so called summers have a very big problem,haven’t you had of freedom of choice,?if Pattison chooses to buy a second hand battered car,let him be and you shouldn’t think along shallow edges of every Tom,dick and hurry doing the same because Pattison chose to.

    Finally,happy new year to all of you,love one another,work hard,celebrate each other’s success and live harmoniously.

    Kalimagezi,London UK.

    1. @kalimagezilondonuk:disqus the reason why I don’t understand Zari and Ivan’s behaviour is because I have as much money as them. Zari and Ivan being rich/wealthy isn’t the problem. The problem is they act like they have never seen posh cars or money and they are always looking for publicity to advertise their latest purchases. If they were promoting something that they are selling to the public (not the white parties or the new boat cruise) I wouldn’t have a problem with them seeking publicity. I can go on holiday to any foreign country, buy anything I want. For me to be jealous there has to be some sort of jealousy on my part. I am not jealous of wealthy/rich people. I respect people’s hustle. I am also involved in charities. I have heard of freedom of choice. But Zari and Ivan are not humble. I wasn’t asking Zari or Ivan to do what Pattison does. I was saying Zari and Ivan need to learn how to be humble. As for you thinking I’m an American wannabe, I am not an American wannabe, I am actually an American male by blood relations or what most refer to as DNA through one of my parents. Happy new year to you.

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