Kalungi Changes Mind, Pleads NOT GUILTY To Manslaughter

Adam Suleiman Kalungi, the key suspect in the death of Butaleja MP and the man said to be the victim’s former boyfriend has on Tuesday morning changed his plea on charges of manslaughter and unlawful possession of narcotics.

In the latest turn of events, Kalungi who pleaded guilty to the same charges on Monday has now pleaded not guilty.

Kalungi appeared in Makindye Magistrates Court on Tuesday following his guilty claim which was rejected because he had no lawyer.

He turned up today with three private lawyers; Mr Geoffrey Kandebee, Mr Duncan Ondimu and Mr Kania Renato who say they are processing his bail.

Mr Kalungi, also pleaded not guilty to the two other charges of being in possession of narcotic drugs and dispensing them between September and December last year contrary to the National Drug Policy and Authority Act.

According to one of his lawyers, Kalungi pleaded guilty on Monday because he was confused.

The court adjourned the hearing of the case to January 15th and Kalungi was returned to Luzira till further developments in the case.

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  1. Kalungi is not free to give his mind on the Mysterious death of Late Nebanda Celinah Tghe Government is to blame because of its dubious deals

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