Kalungi Says His Life Is In Danger

Adam Kalungi was arrested in Mombasa
Adam Kalungi was arrested in Mombasa

Adam Kalungi, the detained boyfriend of deceased Butaleja Woman Member of Parliament Cerinah Nebanda says his life is in danger because the drug syndicate that has established itself within the high powers of the Ugandan society may bump him off.

According to a source within the interrogation team, Kalungi who was arrested on Thursday in the Kenyan port city of Mombasa says the Mexico like drug mafia has connections among powerful members of Uganda’s top political, business and military class.

It should be noted that apart from being wanted in connection with the death of the legislator who was in his company the day she died, Kalungi is also a member of a powerful drug ring operating in the east African region.

Therefore, his arrest puts the whole network at risk of exposure and those people in positions of responsibility wouldn’t want to be known and may find it necessary to terminate Kalungi in the process.

Some security analysts have noted that it could be the reason Kalungi decided to run after delivering the former lawmaker to Mukwaya General Clinic where she was pronounced dead.

Cerinah Nebanda passed away on December 14 last year at Mukwaya General Clinic in Kampala. Kalungi and a yet to be identified person dropped the legislator at the Clinic before taking to their heels.

Had he come out at the time, the mafia would have decided to finish him off in order to ensure their racket’s operations were protected.

Prior to Kalungi’s arrest, Police had nabbed his associates in the drug network who helped to provide information about his whereabouts. Among those associates was a one Abu Khan for whom Kalungi worked for as an agent in the business.

Khan who admitted working with Kalungi in the network was said to be on the verge of promoting Kalungi to a higher position because of his dedicated work to the mafia.

Kalungi is in Police custody to help in investigations into the death of the former outspoken MP’s death that has caused a political storm pitting two arms of government, the Legislature and executive on a political ‘war path’.

“At this moment, Kalungi is in Ugandan Police custody to help us with the on-going investigations into the death of Nebanda,” IGP Kayihura said in a Police statement.

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