Florence Nebanda Wins Butaleja NRM Primary Election

Florence Nebanda Andiru is considered the favorite to win the seat
Florence Nebanda Andiru is considered the favorite to win the seat

Butaleja District is set to add to Uganda’s growing local political dynasties after Florence Andiru Nebanda won the National Resistance Movement party primaries by a landslide on Friday.

Florence who prior to the party poll added the name Nebanda to her identity is now the flag bearer of the ruling NRM in the race for the woman Member of Parliament by-election set for February 11.

The Butaleja woman MP seat fell vacant following the death of outspoken Cerinah Nebanda, who was a sister to Florence Andiru on December 14.

The mysterious death of the former MP set into motion what promised to be a confrontation between the legislature and executive following the arrest of MPs who had disputed an autopsy report that revealed drugs such as cocaine, heroin were found in the fallen lawmaker’s body.

However, the brewing political storm has since calmed down following the refusal by the Speaker of Parliament to recall the legislative body from recess to discuss the controversy surrounding the death of Cerinah. MPs had launched a campaign to collect signatures hoping to force a special sitting of parliament however, these efforts turned futile when the Speaker Rebecca Kadaga ruled against it.

Florence Andiru who is the favourite to win the February poll will have the huge task of proving to the electorate in Butaleja and Ugandans that she can ably wear the huge shoes left by her fallen sister and establish the Nebanda name among the growing local political dynasties in the political timeline of this republic.

Before her demise, Cerinah’s name had become a household item among Ugandans because of her so called independent mind that drew admiration from many across the political divide. She was also regarded by political pundits as part of the new breed of promising lawmakers in the ninth parliament whose arrival was preceded by a lacklustre eighth parliament.

What waits to be seen however is whether on February 11 Florence will make a repeat of last year’s Oromait political dynasty that saw the 19 year old daughter of fallen Osuk MP Alonget succeed him in Parliament.



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  1. God is good to the meek and humble. Be strong you will serve the people of Butaleja. A good steward and servant.

  2. The problem with Ugandans is that they dont learn,you blame the Guy for killing your daugter but again you go with the same killers so intresting

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