Rwakihembo Sentenced To 30 Years In Jail

Rwakihembo being led by a prison warder
Rwakihembo being led by a prison warder

Herbert Rwakihembo, a Uganda People’s Defence Forces Lance Corporal will spend the next 30 years behind bars after the army General Court Martial sitting in Luzira found him guilty of manslaughter.

Rwakihembo was found guilty of murdering three women including his wife Irene Kawendeke by shooting using an AK 47 sub machine gun.

The UPDF Corporal attached to Luzira Military barracks committed the offence at Kisenyi zone III in Luzira, Nakawa Municipality in Kampala on December 10, 2012 at around 7:45Pm.

Last December, Cpl Rwakihembo of the Military Police who had returned from the peacekeeping mission in Somalia killed his fiancée, Irene Namuyaba, Royce Kawendeke, and Nalongo Zaina Nassolo, and also seriously injured Mr Ali Bavawala.

He was arrested the following day after the incident and has since been in custody. It is believed that before committing the ‘crime of passion’, Rwakihembo had accused his fiancée of being unfaithful and wasting money he had sent home during his stay in Somalia.

The case has been marred with drama, during one of the hearings, a group of men and women engaged the chairperson of the court, demanding for his release. They described Rwakihembo as a ‘hero,’ saying his action was aimed at saving men who work abroad and yet their wives waste their savings.

However, with this verdict, Rwakihembo will live the next 30 years incarcerated.

6 thoughts on “Rwakihembo Sentenced To 30 Years In Jail

  1. “Crime of Passion” how about people like Akbar Godi? anyway people should not take the law in their arms for the long arm of it is in existence. Let him serve the punishment.

  2. The soldier should have been given a light sentence, human rights activists for military personnel should help the poor soldier to argue out the case and appeal so to reduce the life sentence,pliz lets fight for the rights of soldiers, there are always provoked into crime.

  3. Very sad, Rwakihembo was obviously from post traumatic stress disorder after combat in Somalia. Do we have supporting systems to support our men and women upon return or are we going to let them degenerate into mental illness? As we sacrifice for Somalia, we should establish the right support system for those returning. Rwakihembo is a causality of PTSD which is the real price our combatants are going to pay for along time.

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