Rwanda Police Investigating Death Of Ugandan Businessman

The torched vehicle in which Dickson perished
The torched vehicle in which Dickson perished

Police in Rwanda has launched investigations into the death of a Ugandan businessman who was found dead last Friday in Rutare sector, Gicumbi district in the Northern Province of the Country.

Dickson Tinyinondi alias Musalamu, 28 a prominent money dealer from Kabale District had travelled to Kigali to buy Rwandan francs. He was, however, found burnt in his car registration number UAM 354D at Gasekye village, about one and half kilometers off the Kigali-Gatuna road.

“Preliminary investigations show that the death is related to the money but the investigations are still ongoing,” Supt Theos Badege, the Police spokesperson, told the press in Kigali.

The amount of money the deceased had in his possession could not be ascertained. According to Badege, residents saw the car burning and alerted the police which only found a torched car and some remains of the body, which were then taken to Byumba Hospital for post-mortem.

The body was later handed over to his relatives in Kabale district, south western Uganda.

Richard Kabonero, Uganda’s High Commissioner to Rwanda expressed optimism that the investigations would establish the circumstances that led to his death.

“The Rwanda National Police is working round the clock and we are confident they will bring the killers to justice. RNP has been updating us. It will be sorted out,” he said.

Tinyinondi’s death brought business at the Gatuna border to a standstill for about three hours last Friday after several people blocked the road in protest. It took Rwanda police’s intervention to restore calm to the area.





5 thoughts on “Rwanda Police Investigating Death Of Ugandan Businessman

  1. But why are Ugandans tortured, marginalised everywhere they go?!! We are the least protected and followed by our gov’t for a welfare wherever we go to work!

  2. It is important to know that Rwanda mistreats Ugandans while in Rwanda and the Rwandise are treated well in Uganda.This should be made clear that Ugandans hate keeping bothered by people who should be old enough to to know that hatred does not shape any Nation.The Rwandise must desist from Killing Ugandans.

    1. Bishanga, I had always had my reservations about how you like to jump to conclusions, thinking that may be you have your personal axe to grind with the Government, but now my fear is relayed. am not the official spokesman for the Government of Rwanda, but I would like Bishanga to be clear on this by giving evidence to show if it’s the government sanctioning this, or is the Police,public loathing or anything to the contrary. in Rwanda like in Uganda money changers are always at risk of being robbed by common thieves and at some extent their fellow money changers, but flatly accusing Rwanda of mistreating Ugandans is taking us back,. just go to kagitumba or Gatuna and see for yourself how many Ugandans that enters Rwanda on daily basis then ask yourself if they were mistreated could they be pouring into the country that mistreated them? Bishanga, how many Rwandans are mistreated, violently robbed, raped in Uganda? let the wounds of the past heal don’t rub salt in it.

  3. rwanda and uganda thing have nothing to do with the death of the young business man. its all about catastrophes that are expected in business that is why they encourage us to join any insurance co. so as we do not loose everything. we join in prayer with the grieved family for the loss of their beloved one and pray that justice come to prvail

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