Walk To Work Verdict Set For February

A protester being arrested by members of the police during the riots
A protester being arrested by members of the police during the riots

On February 13 2013, The East African Court of Justice will deliver its verdict in a case in which the East African Law Society (EALS) accuses the Uganda Government of offending human rights under Uganda’s Constitution and the EAC Treaty by suppressing the 2011 ‘Walk to Work’ protests.

Government of Uganda agents’ are faulted for their actions on various groups of Ugandan citizens who decided to walk to work in protest against the high cost of fuel, transport and living.

In mid-2011, Kampala city was a scene of walk-to-work protests that later graduated into violent altercations between protesters and security agencies.

Peter Nyombi, The Attorney General of Uganda and the Secretary General of the East African Community are the respondents in the case filed by the regional bar association.

Principal State Attorney Mr. Phillip Mwaka who represented Peter Nyombi asked Court to discharge the application with costs on grounds that, the evidence which has already been produced before the Court was sufficient and it was enough to prove any grounds raise in the reference.

The Application was heard by Judges Hon. Mr. Justice Johnston Busingye, Principal Judge, Hon. Mr. Justice John Mkwawa, and Hon. Mr. Justice Isaac Lenaola

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  1. Walk to work Verdict will be an eye open to Ugandans on what to do next because all power belongs to the People

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