Baryamureeba Denies Defaming MAK Don

Former Makerere University Vice Chancellor Vernasius Baryamureeba
Former Makerere University Vice Chancellor Venansius Baryamureeba

Former Makerere University Acting Vice Chancellor, Prof. Venansius Baryamureeba, has denied defaming his former university staff, Dr Joseph Wasswa Matovu.

Dr Wasswa sued Prof. Baryamureeba for having defamed when he allegedly went on state owned television (UBC TV) and newspaper (New vision) and also on Radio Sapentia and said the former had been retired from teaching at Makerere  University on grounds that he was not of sound mind.

The denial by Prof. Baryamureebe, was contained in his written defense he filed through his lawyers of Rwakafuuzi and Co advocates on January 23 before the High Court in Kampala.

In his two page defense, Prof. Baryamureeba denies being the author of the matter complained of by Dr Wasswa, a senior economics lecturer at the university.

However, he says he knows that Dr Wasswa was suspended by official decision for which he is not sueable.

Prof. Baryamureebe explains that Dr Wasswa was suspended for reasons officially advanced and which afforded a reasonable fear as to his competence to operate in the university as a social unit.

With the filing in of this defense, court is yet to set a hearing date.

The alleged defamation happened while Prof. Baryamureeba was still the head of Makerere University between July 7-9, 2011.

Describing himself as a doctor of economics, senior lecturer, a researcher with international reputation, Dr Wasswa claims that the alleged uttered defamatory words by Prof. Baryamureeba, have lowered his reputation among the right thinking society.

Dr Wasswa further claims that the uttered alleged defamatory words depict him as being a troublesome intolerable employee who should not be dealt with by the right thinking people like the students of Makerere and staff and should be shunned, among others.

Dr Wasswa, is now seeking for a public apology and permanent injunction stopping Prof. Baryamureeba from further defaming him.

He wants the apology made on UBC TV, Radio Sapentia and in New Vision newspaper that carried the alleged defamatory words with the same prominence.

He is also seeking for damages of defamation.

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