Bishop Niringiye Arrested, Released On Police Bond

Bishop Niringiye retired recently in order to fight graft
Bishop Niringiye retired recently in order to fight graft

Zac Niringiye, the former Assistant Anglican Bishop of Kampala was on Monday afternoon released on Police bond from Wandegeya Police post  after being arrested together with eight other activists for allegedly inciting violence. They are members of the anti-corruption group ‘Black Monday’.

The other activists  are Nuwagaba Vincent, Kanyonyi Isa, Angyagasha John, Brian Atuhaire and Asan Kyegula among others.  The suspects were picked up Monday morning from Lumumba hall in Makerere University where they were found distributing the black Monday newsletter. They were taken to Wandegeya police post for questioning.

Stephen Omala, the special operations commander Kampala Metropolitan police says that the activists were arrested on charges of inciting violence. Omala who termed the group as ‘subversive’ said the newsletter being delivered by the activists has ‘elements’ of violence which should not be delivered in an academic institution as it may disrupt peace.

The newsletter outlines the amount of money lost in the recent corruption scandal in the Office of the prime minister.

The estimate of 22 billion shillings according to the newsletter is equivalent to 60 million shillings being eaten by one person every day for one year. The newsletter also points out what the country would have achieved if the money had been put to proper use.

The money would have allegedly built 1,222 schools at 18 million shillings each, bought 314 million shillings doses of malaria medicine at 7000 shillings each and 206 tractors at 107 million each among others.

Arthur Larok, country director Action Aid, one of the organisers of the black Monday campaign says that, they will not be deterred by the arrests.

He says that they will continue with their campaigns until the whole country joins the black Monday movement.

Nicholas Opiyo who is representing the suspects told journalists Monday afternoon that they  recorded statements. The last black Monday protest saw Arthur Larok and three others detained for questioning at Jinja Road police but they were released without charge.

10 thoughts on “Bishop Niringiye Arrested, Released On Police Bond

  1. but is that the work of pr,these men shd be punished seriously to avoid hopeless information to wananchi.

    1. How is stating facts hopeless information? and how can it be inciting violence? To you Sam it okay for the Obeys of this world to still 60bn from the sick and helpless retired pensioners and whoever informs citizen of the fact should be punished not the thieves. Are by any chance Sam Olooka?

      1. The real thieves are the detractors who are condemning the Bishop and the like thinking Ugandans. Unfortunately, these brothers who r actually defending the actions of the suspects and police hail from a few comfortable families of this country. May God turn his dice round one day!

    2. pr are also Ugandans and wananchi. expressing their views is not a crime to be punished for. the banyankole have a saying that ‘kokugamba akinami omuhoro gugira ekiniga’ literrally meaning the panga will get annoyed after talking about the bent. say the truth and till will set you free

  2. Nuwagaba Vincent, Kanyonyi Isa, Angyagasha John, Brian Atuhaire and Asan Kyegula, these are names of rebels, all from the same village bent to distabilise Kampala

  3. If these people can’t go to the bush and fight then they should just enjoy the comfort of their beds if they have nothing to do. Can you talk a person out of power? Pastor rest

  4. Actually, there is no value addition to the corruption fight in just walking on the streets making noise and puting on black. In the 1st place who are demonstrating against? Other than these self appointed activists giving chance to the criminal minded to take advantage of their efforts to commi atrocities in the process, they should pinpoint or identify the culprits just and bring evidence against them in or court or to the authoritis that be and ensure these thieves are brought to book. Just like the police, the IGG, The PAC of parliament and the Auditor generals office are doing. They have never gone to the street to demonstrate but undoubtedly, they are doing a good job. I know if Bp Niringiye and comany don’t have ulteria motives, they exactly know the dangers of street demonstrations. Atleast for a well educated man like the Bp, but also if he has other intentions; pls let him come clear and declare them to help us his followers.

      1. I would support him if styles up to behave like someone who has a PhD! Otherwise he makes me think that he’s the same as the Nserekos.

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