Court To Hear Kananura Bail Application On Monday

Desh Kananura is charged with the murder of Badru Katerega
Desh Kananura is charged with the murder of Badru Katerega

The High Court in Kampala has set February 4 as the date when the bail application for the city tycoon Andrew Kananura accused of murder will be heard.

Kananura filed an application for bail on grounds that it is his constitutional right and that he suffers poor health. He claims he is diabetic and that his condition requires specialized treatment.

High Court Judge lamek Mukasa adjourned the hearing to Monday.

Kananura is charged alongside four other people including Mr Raymond Kananura, Mr Cyrus Maganda, Mr Samuel Muzulewa and Mr Jacob Onyango.

He [Desh] was mid last month arrested by police last at Entebbe International Airport on arrival from the United Kingdom. Garner

Any person who is convicted of murder faces a maximum penalty of death.

Mr Kananura has denied killing Kateregga, saying the deceased was involved in a fight with his colleague.

It is alleged Mr Kananura, his brother Mr Raymond Kananura, and others still at large beat to death Katerega after he was found with an amount of money exceeding that allowed to be held by any worker on duty in their bar.

Another bar attendant, Mr Kenneth Kirenzi was also beaten with a gun butt and is admitted to a hospital in Namirembe, Kampala.

Kananura is also facing fraud charges. He is accused of obtaining money by false pretence although he denied committing the offence.

It is alleged that between November 19 and December 23, 2011, Desh obtained Shs340 million from Hajj Sulait Ssemakula of Sema Properties, claiming that he was to supply him a grader 140 G, a pledge he allegedly did not fulfil.

The accused is slated to report back to the City Hall Court on February 12 for committal to the High Court in relation to the murder charges.




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  1. Am sure the poor guy kananura killed also had his rights……I hear his diabetic.You deserve the noose bastard.

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