Karuma Dam Suspension: Kabale MP Petitions IGG

IGG Irene Mulyagonja halted the commencement of construction
IGG Irene Mulyagonja halted the commencement of construction

Kabale Municipality MP Andrew Aja Baryayanga  has petitioned the Inspector General of Government over her decision to halt the construction of Karuma Hydro power project.

Last month, Irene Mulyagonja, the Inspector General of Government halted the commencement of the construction works of the dam over allegation of bribery and corruption by China Water and Electric Corporation.

It came after Salini construction which competed for the contract petitioned court contesting the manner it was dropped from the process in favor of China Water and Electric Corporation.

Baryayanga argues that while the investigations that the inspectorate intends to carryout might be well-intentioned, it could be unnecessary and futile adding that this will lead the country into other years of darkness.

He said that Ugandans deserve an uninterrupted power supply and said that it would be cost effective to let the company which initially won the bid to carry out the construction saying that it is cheaper compared to Bujagali.

He says that parliament should not let government get an excuse if the power situation gets as bad as it was in 2011 just like it blamed MPs in the 6th parliament for the delay of Bujagali power dam. Baryayanga wants the construction of Karuma dam to commence right away saying it has been long overdue.

He alleges that so called whistle blower is doing so in bad faith with the intentions of disrupting the process as he is reported to be an agent of one of the firms that failed to make it through technical evaluation.

Baryayanga adds in the petition that the allegations of bribery in the procurement process are not new saying that another whistle blower made the same allegations last year and they were investigated by CID.

He wonders if the inspectorate will not use the same methods and tools that the CID used to carry out the same investigations and suggested that the inspectorate spares the tax payers’ money and shares the report of the CID.

He said parliament will not let an important energy project be frustrated by what he calls mafias who benefited from the recent power crisis through connivance with owners of thermal generators.

Baryayanga urged the inspectorate not to delay the commencement of the project over baseless allegations and that any information should be weighed against the wider interests of the country.

He adds that the said investigation is contrary to the law and has been instigated by influence peddlers. The Inspectorate of Government has not yet reacted to the petition. Plans for the construction of Karuma dam date way back in 1995 but construction has not yet kicked off 18 years later.

It was recently marred by allegations of corruption and bribery by officials in the ministry of energy and mineral development prompting threats by President Museveni to halt the process which have been re-echoed by the inspectorate of government.

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  1. Big up Hon Baryehanga! we need MPs who are focussed like you for Uganda to move to another level not the likes of Nsereko, SSekikubo & company who just make useless noise without offering genuine solutions.

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