Lira Prisons Attempted Escape: Byabashaija Orders Investigation

Director General of Prison-Dr. Johnson Byabashaija
Director General of Prison-Dr. Johnson Byabashaija

The Commissioner General of Prisons, Dr. Johnson Byabashaija has named a three man committee to investigate why prisoners in Lira Central prison attempted to escape on Wednesday.

Prisons spokesperson, Frank Baine said Dr. Byabashaija has appointed Commissioner of Prisons Custodial services, Augustine Obura to investigate why inmates rioted and even broke into stores.

Speaking to Uganda Radio Network, Baine who was returning from Lira said the inmates tried to escape after realizing that their names were missing from the cause list.

The inmates rioted shortly after the OC Lira prisons had read to them a list of 18 inmates whose cases have been fixed for hearing during the current criminal session.

Baine says the inmates were angered because out of the 18 names, eight of the names were recent cases which prompted them to suspect that money had changed hands leading to their being excluded from trial.

Baine explained that Commissioner Obura together with two other members of the team where already in Lira to establish the actual cause of the strike.

Earlier on sources within prisons circles intimated that overstay on remand was a long term arguing that there had been a recent transfer of the officer in-charge. The sources claimed that prisons staff could have had a hand in the attempted escape.

Baine down played the involvement of prisons staff saying adding that if they were ever involved the committee would find out.

Baine travelled to Lira prison following the incident for a peace meeting with the inmates during which he addressed and later held prayers with them.

Though newspaper pictures showed prison warders and policemen whipping inmates and forcing them in the prison walls, Baine said that none of them had been injured.

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  1. Let the prisons allege congestion and then work with the courts to handle their cases expeditiously, i agree with the prisoners, just delayed is justice denied ,

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