Mbabazi Accepts To Quit SG Post, Sets Terms

Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi says he is willing to quit as SG
Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi says he is willing to quit as SG

Premier Amama Mbabazi has told off a clique of National Resistance Movement (NRM) who want him to quit the post of Secretary General, Red Pepper can exclusively reveal.

The man once dubbed the super minister made it clear that doing so needs amendment of the party’s constitution. Amama made the stern revelation while responding to questions raised on his now popular ‘Ask the Prime Minister’ twitter session. He challenged the agitators of his quitting to first understand the party constitution.

The premier explained that there are two types of secretary generals who are derived from the responsibilities they execute.

“There is what we call a bureaucratic and Political secretary general. This bureaucratic one is an employee of the organisation while the political on isn’t.” Amama explained, before adding that as per the party constitution, he is the Political SG.

He illustrated that while the bureaucratic SG is supposed to be a permanent staff of the party, the NRM guiding law talks of a political one who plays a supervisory role.

Amama said that those who need him to quit his slot as secretary General are in essence calling for a bureaucratic SG, a matter that has to be determined by the amendment of the constitution. He said it was him who said he would not play both roles well and the party leadership came up with directorates which he supervises.

“There is mass mobilisation and recruitment, there is finance and these departments have directors who are permanent employees of the party. I come in to supervise as the political SG.” Mbabazi said.

He added that he has no problem leaving since he has so many issues to attend to as leader of government business. This, though has to be done following the law of the party, he said.

President Museveni recently informed his party members during a retreat in Kyankwanzi that he was to summon the National conference to determine the next Secretary General after Mbabazi. Although Mbabazi had described it as diversionary during the retreat. The concern came up after Theodore Sekikubo queried the President for dilly-dallying with the whole process.

It should be rememebered that after naming Amama the premier in early 2011, Museveni asked the premier-elect to relinquish the post of Secretary General.

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  1. How can Museveni asked the premier-elect to relinquish the post of Secretary General as if he was hand picked to take up the responsibility, Bad as he is to the party and to the nation, Mbabazi manipulated the Delegates Conference in Nambole and took the post off Bukenya, Otafire, Mushemeza etc. It is only the Delegates conference that can remove the man or if he does us a favour, he resigns at his own initiative. Short of which you must pray that the man runs mad or is adjudged bankrupt or gets convicted of a criminal offense with no room to appeal.

  2. Whether you go or stay, makes no difference – your party and its leadership are all greedy, tired guys who have no value to add to our country. we are tired of you

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