MUKULA CONVICTION: Police Bans Sports Activities in Soroti

Mike Mukula was on January 18 sentenced to four years in jail
Mike Mukula was on January 18 sentenced to four years in jail

Police in Soroti have suspended all sports activities in the public places in Soroti town. Suspended from hosting sports actives are places like Soroti sports ground, Soroti Municipal Stadium, Public gardens and Arrow square. Joab Wabwire, Soroti district Police Commander,on Thursday evening told Uganda Radio network that, the play grounds will be out of bounds until police secures the town. Wabwire claims that police has information there are some people who want to take advantage and misuse the playgrounds to hold political rallies. Several footballers, athletes, and boxers were on Thursday evening stranded after anti-riot police were deployed throughout the town. Police cordoned off all playgrounds and sports arenas. A football match that was supposed to take place between Etem Iteso Mukula 118 team and the Boda Boda FC team was cancelled. The match was supposed to be played at 3:00pm in Soroti Municipal stadium. Mukula 118 members had organized a football match as one of the activities to launch a fundraising driver to raise jailed MP Captain Mike Mukula’s legal fees. Althougth four members of Mukula 118 had been arrested on Wednesday, the organisers had expressed determination to go ahead with the fundraising match. The lead organisers arrested were identified as former Amuria chairperson Julius Ocen, the speaker of Soroti Municipality Honourable Okello, the former NRM district treasurer Jonathan Ebwalu and former Soroti County MP candidate Jimmy Oriokot. The security personnel deployed at Soroti sports ground on Thursday evening chased away all the players and athletes who had turned up to take part in the fundraising activities. Despite the police action, the fundraising subcommittee appealed to the Muslims to give in their contributions on Friday while the Christians were supposed to contribute on Saturday and Sunday. Soroti MP Captain Mike Mukula was sentenced to four years imprisonment by the Anti-Corruption Court for embezzling sh210m from the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI).

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