NSENGA MURDER: Police Stuck With Jackie

Jackie Uwera Nsenga is Stuck at SIU Because No one will take her
Jackie Uwera Nsenga is Stuck at SIU Because No one will take her

Jackie Uwera Nsenga, the woman who knocked and killed her husband Juvenal Nsenga Kananura at their home in Bugolobi a month ago remains in police custody two weeks after she was arrested.
Uwera reportedly ran over her husband on the night of January 10 in an act some people suspects was premeditated murder.
Uwera, a mother of two, was arrested February 4, almost three weeks after the burial of her husband and locked up at the Special Investigations Unit – SIU headquarters in Kireka. Juvenal Nsenga was a son of Kampala businessman Donnat Kananura, who was once chairperson of the Banyarwanda community in Uganda.
The suspect confessed that she killed her husband of 18 years accidentally and asked family, friends and the two children to forgive her.
Though Donnat Kananura appealed to police not to carry out investigations since his son was already dead, detectives have been continuing with investigations. But they are finding an uphill task to investigate the case.
A source at SIU who declined to speak on record due to the sensitivity of the case, described it complicated but noted that they cannot release Uwera because she could be killed. Police are also not keen on releasing or taking her to court.
The source added that neither Jackie Uwera Nsenga’s family nor that of Juvenal Nsenga is pushing for her release or to be taken to court.
The detective noted that the police is not receiving relatives who want Uwera released on police bond. In such a case, according to the detective, police is better off keeping the suspect in custody.
Police agreed that it’s going to be a hard case to prosecute especially when the victim and only witness to the accident is dead.
When reached for comment, Police spokesperson Judith Nabakooba directed URN to speak to Godfrey Musana, the Deputy Director of Criminal Investigations.
However, Musana could not be reached.

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  1. Is it gettting clearer that some people and their criminal cases are above the laws of this country?

  2. Well Jackie should be given chance to defend herself. It was an accident. Nsenga is dead and nothing can bring him back.She should be given right to bring up her children since she is the only parent they have left. If indeed Jackie maliciously killed her husband, then God should be the judge of that.

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