Thugs Raid Bunyoro Royal Tombs, Make off with Kings Remains

The Omukama of Bunyoro Solomon Gafabusa Iguru
The Omukama of Bunyoro Solomon Gafabusa Iguru

Unidentified people have raided the Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom cultural site in Kibaale district and allegedly exhumed the remains of the former king.
The grave diggers allegedly stormed the Kihumuro cultural site in Kihumuro village, Bwanswa sub county in Kibaale district where the former king of Bunyoro, Duhaga Chwa Mujwiga I was buried.
Duhaga Chwa Mujwiga, the 16th Omukama of Bunyoro reigned for 51 years from 1731 to 1782. It was during his reign and that Kyebambe III Nyamutukura from 1786 to 1835 that hostile war-like activities began to weigh down on Bunyoro Kitara Empire, eventually forcing it to decline.
John Karyangaine, the caretaker of the cultural site notes that he discovered the former King’s tom located a few metres from the Kagadi-Mubende road open at around 7am on Thursday. He explained that the suspects purportedly used a hoe and other tools to dismantle the cemented tomb.
He adds that they drilled a deep hole into the grave and removed some of the remains.
Due to much fear Karyangaine has reported the matter to Kihumuro police station to help in launching a man-hunt for the suspects.
Karyangaine, who says has spent close to 30 years in charge of the site, has never seen such an incident in his life.
Matovu Ben, the area village chairperson is suspecting that the perpetuators of the act may be intending to use the former king’s remains in ritual performances. He notes that all village members have been highly alerted to help in tracing the suspects.
Privato Kavumba, the officer in- charge Kihumuro police station, notes that police has launched an operation to hunt for the suspects.
Isagala Araali, the Bunyoro Kingdom cultural coordinator in-charge Kibaale district, condemned the act vowing to ensure that the matter is followed up and the culprits are brought to book.
Kibaale district has a number of Bunyoro kingdom cultural sites, including the Ngangi, Kisengwe and Nyamarunda royal tombs among others.

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  1. I guess we are have gone back to the caveman era, the world is advancing daily but Uganda is busy showing signs of unbelievable backwardness. What shall we real do, is it the laxity of our government and the law or we need a tough grip like that of Amin to bring back sanity.

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