Uganda Refunds Norway’s Stolen OPM Cash

Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi
Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi

The government of Uganda has refunded the money she was asked by the government of Norway to refund after massive mismanagement of the PRDP funds in the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) was discovered.

A total of 3.1 million Euros was returned to the Norwegian government.. The refund of the money was confirmed by Norway’s International Development Minister, Heikki Holmås who stressed that despite the money refund, Norway will never offer help to the Ugandan government again. The money was meant for the northern Uganda reconstruction program and Mr. Holmas said stealing the money was comparable to those terrorizing poor people.

While withdrawing aid last year, Mr. Holmas said, “It’s totally unacceptable that aid is being misused. Any form of corruption is a theft from the poor. Norway has a zero tolerance for corruption and monetary abuse. Norway has requested the money that has been abused be paid back and Uganda has agreed to refund the entire amount that has been revealed to have been misused.”

Norway joined countries like Ireland, Denmark and Britain, among others to withdraw aid from Uganda after it was discovered that the aid money was being banked personally by a few individuals. Ireland and Denmark also want money refund. The mismanaged funds have seen several officials in the office of the prime minister interdicted and the principal suspect Godfrey Kazinda’s trial resumed yesterday with the eight witness Stephen Kizze Ssalongo Who is also the secretary of defence for Bukoto UCB Zone which is Kazinda’s area of residence faulting police for not searching the accused’s house and only searching that of his mother, while another witness Byekwaso Musiitwa a senior accounts assistant in the office of the prime minister said the forms that were being used to withdraw money from bank of Uganda were genuine and not forged as the prosecution alleges, and that is why bank of Uganda accepted to cash them. The trail was adjourned with the accused bail application rejected and justice David Wangutsi promising a speedy trail.

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4 thoughts on “Uganda Refunds Norway’s Stolen OPM Cash

  1. Was the entire amount misused or stolen? Since it has been refunded, it must have been stolen and kept under the bed that is why it is no hurdle to refund it. Otherwise we are not feeling anything since the gov’t started paying back. If it was misused, there would be nothing to give back. Can Uganda stand on its legs without AID? This is proof!

  2. why is kazinda not getting bail while lwamafa, obey, oloka etc are getting it? what are courts trying to protect? why muzzle the man?

  3. Refunding the stolen money is okay but who is paying the money.If it is the Government then the citizens have all reasons to ask the Government to agree that it can no longer control the Government and therefore to put down the tools of power and relinquish power otherwise let it ask the thieves to return the money in its proper safe box.

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