Amin Family Denies Receiving Gov’t Dime

The son of Uganda’s third president iddi Amin dada  has denied reports that appeared in the media claiming that the  families of former leaders had been paid ex gratia allowances.

Hajji  Hussein Lumumba Amin in a letter that this news paper has seen,  denied the claims saying they have as a family approached the ministry of public service for the  said payments but all in vain  “When we last inquired about the ex-gratia payments at the Ministry of Public Service last year, we were told that the processing of payments had been halted. At the time there was already an investigation into dubious payments” He said.

This money which is in hundreds of billions is said to have been paid to families of the country’s former leaders the list included former  presidents, vice presidents and prime ministers. Mr. Amin however wonder how the government can claim to have paid out money in the media without the family being notified to Mr. amin this he says “we fear that this could either be another accounting scheme to try and supply air while funds are being accounted for and cleansed in a news paper article. Or could it be a public relations stunt whose coordinators are comfortable with substandard and shoddy events management products”


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