Archbishop Sets Up Tribunal to Probe Father Musaala Claims

Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga, the Kampala Archbishop has appointed a tribunal to investigate claims by Father Anthony Musaala that some priests are involved in sexual immorality in breach of their celibacy vows.

Two weeks ago, Fr Musaala stirred trouble when he penned a letter to the Archibishop asking the Catholic Church to consider having frank discussions on the issues of celibacy. In his letter, Fr Musaala claimed that several Catholics priests are living a life of hypocrisy because they have secretly fathered children.

As a result, Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga, the Kampala Archbishop suspended Fr Musaala pending investigations into his claims. In his letter, Dr Lwanga said that the allegations by Fr Musaala had cast doubt on all priests in the Catholic Church.

Delivering his Easter message on Saturday afternoon, Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga said that he had appointed a tribunal to investigate the allegations made by the celebrity priest.

He said the tribunal has been given specific guidelines and mandated to accord Fr Musaala a fair hearing. The Archibishop however, warned Christians against carrying the sins of a few individuals and blame them on the entire Catholic Church. He also apologized to everyone who could have been a victim of the sexual abuse by the priests. Dr Lwanga however, declined to give the details of the members of the tribunal saying that there is a forum at everylevel in the church to handle such matters.

3 thoughts on “Archbishop Sets Up Tribunal to Probe Father Musaala Claims

  1. The safest way is to avoid appointing hard core Catholics on the tribunal, they will not want to point a finger at heil Mary by pinning his servants. Let him appoint Mubajje or Kayongo to lead this tribunal

  2. Archbishop you are spot on. Every one carries their own cross, not shifting blame and the sin burden to other people’s shoulders. More so Fr. Musaala should have acted professionally as the call demands since he hears many people’s sins during penance. He is not expected to utter out any person’s wrongs. But with such kind of utterances, we cant be sure that he cant let out. (Read Matthew 1:18-24 – Joseph (as Mary’s fiancée was asked not to send her away for the Holy Spirit’s pregnancy but to take care of her. Equally Fr. Musaala as a shepherd should not abandon his flock nor put them in the open for their wrongs but rather help correct them and take care of them (moreover secretly as Joseph did to Mary). Fr. Musaala please repent and return to the shepherds’ house. The flock needs you but in a cleaner suit UNLIKE the one you are donning now.

  3. Paul, there is something hidden in “Musala will prove that he is not sodomist”, please elaborate …

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