Arson Survivor at MP Tinkasimiire’s home Survives kidnap

Caroline Awino, 18, the girl, who survived a fire that killed the wife of Buyaga County MP Barnabas Tinkasiimire, survived kidnap on her way to school. Caroline was allegedly attacked in Kasokoso area in Kiira Division, Wakiso District on Thursday.

She joined S.5 after nursing injuries she sustained during the suspected arson on Mr Tinkasimire’s house in Mukono District.

Ms Evelyn Abbo, the sister of Tinkasimire’s late wife Agnes, said: “Four men dressed in elaborate cloth and masks tried to grab her, chased after her but thank God, her screams for help attracted people.”

 The suspects allegedly took off with her school bag. Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesman Ibin Ssenkumbi said the incident happened at 6:30am.He said no eyewitness read the number plate of the car but said investigations were on. Awino was the lone witness in the arson attack on the MP’s house.

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