Banned Pastor Opens New Church in Masaka

Apostle Alex Mitala The HEAD of the National Fellowship of Born Again Churches
Apostle Alex Mitala The HEAD of the National Fellowship of Born Again Churches

Kennedy Kuteesa, a pastor who was recently banned after some members of his church accused him of sexually abusing them during overnight prayers and counseling sessions has started a new church in Masaka. He was accused of smearing oil and jelly on the sexual organs of his female followers claiming it was from heaven.  As a result, the National Fellowship of Born Again Churches closed Kuteesa’s church and banned him from carrying out evangelism.

A team of Pastors led by Leonard Sserwadda, the regional Bishop of Born Again Pentecostal Churches in Masaka was instituted to investigate the sexual abuse allegations against Kuteesa. The accused went silent for some time, but has now started a new church in Kyabakuza trading center along Masaka-Mbarara Highway.

The church is called Power and Glory church and it has started attracting new followers. He is also operates an office on Mutto Plaza along Elgin Street in Masaka Town under Power and Glory church, where he conducts fellowships. Pastor Leonard Sserwadda, the Regional Overseer of Born Again Churches in Masaka says they have approved Kuteesa’s operations. He says that they lifted the ban on Kuteesa after he settled the sexual abuse allegations with his victims.

Pastor Kennedy however, says that none of the sexual abuse victims was compensated because they didn’t show any interest. Pastor Sserwadda declined to reveal the identities of the sexual abuse, only saying that they were many.

He says that Kuteesa pleaded guilty and asked for forgiveness that is why he was banned.Sserwadda says that during the ban, Kuteesa was ordered to stay with Pastor Eriyah Kisakye in Kampala to monitor his activities. He says that police also cleared Kuteesa after reaching an understanding with the sexual abuse victims.

Pastor Kuteesa initially refused to speak to the media saying that he needed to pray over the matter for fear of resurrecting the old scandal. He told the media at his on Mutto Plaza that he doesn’t want to discuss the 2006 scandal because it would destroy his new church. Kuteesa says that the matter was handled and settled, adding that he has started a new life.

The intentions of opening the church in Kyabakuza is to touch souls afflicted with diseases, poverty and alcoholism. Ben Lwanga, whose house is close to the church says that they are not aware of Kuteesa’s past history.

He says they usually see him preaching over the weekends but didn’t know that he was involved in suspicious practices. Lwanga asked government to re-investigate Kuteesa to establish whether he is fully reformed.

Noah Sserunjoji, the Southern Region Police Spokesperson says they don’t have any complaints against Kuteesa. He however says police will revisit the old files if any and see what exactly happened because some of the allegations against him where criminal in nature.

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  1. Churches, Born Agains, Evangelists name it, all of them have scandals behind them. One really wonders whether they are really serving God or Satan him self in the name of God???

    1. I think you get it wrong by saying: “all of them”. It’;s not ALL “Churches, Born Agains (sic), Evangelists”. Some of them? Certainly yes. But not all of them.

    2. you must say sorry of what you have said because it is wrong you must be an earthyeast or the satan himself you I.S one day you will find yrself in those churches repenting….you little devoooo

  2. I have said it in these pages that churches are businesses and you thought i was lying, how can you close a man’s business, how do you expect him to survive

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