BOOZE WAR: Police to Arrest Drunk Pedestrains

Rwampara MP Vincent Kyamadidi was recently arrested in an operation against drunk drivers
Rwampara MP Vincent Kyamadidi was recently arrested in an operation against drunk drivers

Police have now launched a drunk walk campaign aimed at netting  drunk pedestrians.

The announcement was made yesterday by Kampala metropolitan traffic commander Lawrence Nuwabaine at the media centre. Nuwabine said the campaign intends to rein on those who walk while drunk hence increasing cases of road accidents in the city.

‘I am telling you, we are not joking on this matter whoever will be got drunk while walking will be taken to the cells’ said Nuwabine. He added that 74% of accidental deaths registered within the metropolitan area in one month are as a result of booze. He said pedestrians who are drunk bump into racing vehicles and die instantly or later.

He advised booze lovers to get boda bodas, cabs or seek a friends help to avoid walking while drunk or else they risk spending the  night in the coolers. when asked what the fate of the drunk walking culprits will be,Nuwabine said they were still discussing with their superiors whether such individuals should be taken to court but apparently they will be release when they are sober.

Booze kings who interacted with Red Pepper about the new police campaign said at times they get high on liquor, that they park their cars and decide to walk home to avoid using their cars. The campaign comes on the heels of stories carried by this newspaper exposing prominent figures involved in funny drink and drive battles with cops. The most prominent being Motor mouthed Rwampara Mp who urinated on police officers, and ambassador James William Kinobe not forgetting Gospel Musician exodus.

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  1. Yes get the hell out of the road,drink walking is the major couse of accident,many lives have been lost as a result.let them drink and use backstreet or panya road but NOT highways

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