Catholic Faithful React to Fr. Musaalas’ Suspension

Father Musaala Accused Catholic Bishops and Priests of Breaking their Vows
Father Musaala Accused Catholic Bishops and Priests of Breaking their Vows

“Fr. Musaala cited five cases involving catholic priests, adding that he was still compiling information on many others”

A section of Catholics in Masaka Diocese are protesting the suspension of Reverend Father Anthony Musaala over his letter exposing sexual infidelity amongst catholic priests. Fr. Musaala, who shot to fame through gospel music, was suspended on Monday by Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga, the Archbishop of Kampala Archdiocese. It came after the priest published a letter, in which he demands that the Catholic Church begins an open and frank dialogue about catholic priests becoming happily married men, rather than being miserable and single, either before and after ordination.

He also said it is an open secret that many catholic priests and some Bishops in Uganda and elsewhere, no longer live celibate chastity. In the March 12th letter addressed to the Arch Bishop of Kampala, which has circulated on social media, Fr. Musaala asks Dr. Lwanga and the Catholic Church in general to consider amending the canon law to revoke celibacy and allow priest to marry. He contends that this would address the increasing reports of priests involved in sexual activities in breach of the celibacy vows. Fr. Musaala cited five cases involving catholic priests, adding that he was still compiling information on many others.

As a result, Lwanga suspended Fr. Musaala saying that his letter has caused immense suffering to the Catholic Church that seems to cast a dark shadow of suspicion on all catholic priests. He also accused Fr. Musaala of using wrong forum to address the issues in the letter. Dr. Lwanga argues that the decision by the priest to circulate the letter online was an act of indiscipline and suspicious. The suspension of Fr Musaala has drawn mixed reaction amongst catholic faithfuls. Joseph Kalungi, the Head of Laity Masaka Diocese says he is surprised by Musaala’s letter and his subsequent suspension. Kalungi declined to comment further saying that he was not allowed by the church to talk about the suspension.

Joseph Ssenzoga, the head of Laity Soweto sub parish in Masaka Town faults the Archbishop for suspending Musaala. He says that although Musaala went public with his letter, he didn’t deserve to be suspended. Ssenzoga advises the Archbishop to handle the priest with care and use him as witness in their investigations.

John Mugera, a catholic faithful is unhappy with Fr. Musaala’s suspension saying it is likely to split the church. He explains that the celebrity priest commands a huge following amongst catholic youths who like his gospel music.

Rose Namale, also a member of the Catholic Church says the issues raised by father Musaala shouldn’t be ignored. She advises the church to conduct a referendum to allow Catholics vote on whether or not priests should be allowed to marry to end their involvement in secret sexual affairs. Speaking with Redpepper online on phone from Kampala, Father Musaala said he was not moved by the suspension. He however, appealed to the church leadership to address his concerns says there is over whelming evidence showing that several priests and Bishops have fathered children with people’s wives.

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  1. i certainly feel this guy already has a chic he wants to marry, raising concern over the many adultery cases among priests gives him chance to marry when his suggestion is taken into consideration. whatever this guy is upto, am so watching the space.

  2. This whole thing is stupidity Fr. Musaala joined this catholic thing knowing priests dont marry like any other person in favour of the marriage-thing so if Musaala is looking for cheap popularity p’se save our brains from collapsing. Suffer the consequences Sweetheart.

    1. I do agree with what you have written, but seeing this Fr Musala story develop i believe the facts he has raised have to be looked into, for example he raised issues of sexual abuse, I believe the vows that bind the priests do not allow them to hide behind the collar as defence. Its the issues that Fr Musala is raising that have come back to bite the catholic church in the western world because they were covered up in the 70s and 80s.

  3. Canon law No 971 says;”It is a crime to force anyone,in any way,for any reason,to the clerical state (priesthood”.So,was Fr Musala blind about this law? I mean,if hes tested the enticements of this world,let him leave peacefully than dirtening the image of the catholic church.

    1. Frank, its not Fr Musaal dirtening the catholic church image but rather what our priests do! iam catholic but I know several priests who have kis and family. one case is in Mulago here, his kids used to study in st. savio. you would find him seated with ‘wife’ and kids enjoying their lunch on VD!!! so I think crucifying Fr Musaala is just hiding our head in the sand. these things are bound to backfire on the church. the world is so enlightened now!

  4. when a person is to be ordained a priest, he is at a mature age and able to descide on himself and so the priests are supposed to remain celibates and if one see that he can not manage let him not continue with the vow just get another way how you can serve the lord.

  5. Mbu his suspension is likely to split the church… who told you? Will it be worse than Luther (the custodian of the Luteran church) who decided to go for the same reasons?…. There’s nothing new under the sun…. that was poor reasoning John.

    And to Rose, I pity you if you are a catholic and you start talking of conducting a referendum…. I doubt whether you’re even a believer… worse still… you want to vote on something that you’re not going to live. Your opinion is not needed here….may be your faith and belief.

    The whole thing is that these men spend between 15-17 yrs in training(normal process) and some others 8-10 years (the likes of Musaala). What people don’t know is that many of them drop out in the process to go and marry but many others fear in the name of public opinion. From day one, these men are told what to do in case they want to marry (Do not ask me where I get this info. I went through the same process but decided to quit). They all know the procedures. The C. church as a religious institution, has its laws. Even if you’re a bishop and you want to marry, the church law is clear on that- you can go but after following the procedures i.e. after being releaved of your duties as bishop and minister of the catholic church. I know of a former bishop in the catholic church who is president of a certain small country! He was honest enough to ask the vatican to releave him of his duties as minister of the church because he had fathered a child who needed his love and attention. The vatican did. The man is happily married and still a good catholic. Take another example of a good catholic minister in the Ugandan Government who asked his bishop to releave him of his duties. He is happily serving the people of God in that line but not as a minister in the C.Church. Let these men (the Musaala type) not waste your time shouting…. they know what to do and they know the reasons as to why this discipline was introduced in the church… you the christians will never know it… and you do not need to know it.

    Now, the whole point is about allowing priests and church ministers to marry. No one is about to accept that! Not in the C.C. This is because during this period of training, these men are aware of what they are going in for… and nevertheless, they continue running after it. NO ONE FORCES NO ONE. Besides, they all know what they are supposed to do in case they father a child. But they fear for public opinion towards them as sex-marniachs and immoral. The point is being honest with themselves. In case there has been an abuse by one of these ministers, he himself is supposed to face the law. Do not waste your time taking the church to court because the law is clear on this- he does it as a person not in the name of the church- thus he should face the law. That’s why all these Europeans are still shouting at the vatican but they can’t do anything about it. They run to the vatican because they want to get paid- they know the vatican has the money to pay them. But the vatican follows clear rules of procedure and will not do that.

    I conculude by saying… the C. Church law has that provision- for a priest to marry- in which case he will cease to practice as her minister and go to live happily with his family. It’s a discipline which, like any other, is prone to not being followed (just as it happens). This however (the fact that some ministers fall short of following this discpline) shouldn’t be the reason as to why such a discpline should be deleted from the law. There are many out there who do follow their vows whole heartedly. The media and the likes of Musaala amplify those who have fallen short and have not done the right thing after falling short (quiting- and living happily with their families) as the law provided.

    JJ. (Canonist)

  6. A referendum for catholics to vote on whether priests should marry! What a joke.

  7. The Church Of Christ will never be destroyed and those who attempt to destroy it will be destroyed instead.

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