Cholera Outbreak Kills 3 In Arua

At least three people have been confirmed dead and more than 20 others hospitalised following a cholera outbreak in Terego County, Arua district.

The disease that was reported in Arivu Sub County last week has now spread to Omugo Sub County where the three people were killed.

According to Dr. Patrick Anguzu, the district health officer, those infected have been admitted at both Omugo and Aripea health centres. He attributes the outbreak to poor hygiene in the two sub counties as many homes have no sanitary facilities like toilets and bathing shelters.

He added that a team of medical workers have already been deployed in the two sub counties to monitor the situation.

But Viga Canon, the councilor for Omugo Sub County, blames health personnel in the area for not responding in time to contain the spread. He says they took long to discover what was happening on the ground and that when the first case was reported early last week it took almost a week for the results to come from the various research centres.

He also claimed that some of the victims were being treated for food poisoning when the results had not yet come making the disease to spread to other people.

Cholera, a highly contagious disease is characterized by passing of watery stool, vomiting, and high fever and if not treated immediately it can lead to death with 24 hours.

This is not the first time cholera has hit the two sub counties. Last year at least five people died when the disease broke out in the area.

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