CORRUPTION: Govt To Review Public Service Performance

Embattled former PA in OPM Geoffrey Kazinda
Embattled former PA in OPM Geoffrey Kazinda

A cabinet meeting held this week has resolved to institute mechanisms aimed at assessing and reviewing the performance of civil servants.
Professor Tarsis Kabwegyere, the minister for general duties in the Office of the Prime Minister, says this will help them come out with a national policy of public sector monitoring and evaluation.

The decision was made at a Cabinet meeting which was called to discuss among others a policy that provides a clear framework for strengthening the coverage, quality and utility of public policies and investments. Kabwegyere notes that Ugandans want quality service delivery in all sectors of life.

Government will also improve service delivery through empowering decentralized service delivery units, reviewing and restructuring local government administrative set up, effective monitoring and evaluation.

It will also carry out competence-based recruitment, training and retraining of civil servants and improve the reward system including remuneration, rewarding good performance and sanctioning poor performance.

Kabwegyere emphasises the need to review the growth momentum of the country saying government is determined to get everybody moving through work.
This review comes on the heels of ongoing police investigations into allegations of fraud and corruption in government ministries. Over 268 billion shillings is alleged to have been mismanaged in the Public Service Ministry.

Kabwegyere, however, says the corruption scandal should not shock Ugandans since this happens in every economy that is why government is trying to clean up the system.

The vice chairperson of the local government committee, Igara West MP Raphael Magyezi, says the new measures proposed by government are modern systems which are already being done in countries such as Kenya and Rwanda.

Magyezi adds that the performance monitoring addresses efficiency of staff at work according to set targets. He says this may not necessarily address corruption, but the challenge in public service is on pension management, transparency with respect to the payroll, wage Bill and inadequate number of staff in strategic positions especially in the local government level.

Magyezi states that if government is going to fight corruption and negligence, there is need for attitudinal change, enforcement of mechanisms, placement of strict deterrent measures and timely interventions whenever there is a problem.

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