DRUG WAR: Prominent Dealer Found Dead

A drug Ring Busted Last year
A drug Ring Busted Last year

A renowned drug dealer in Rukungiri has been found dead with deep cuts to the head and right leg.
Chelston Turyasingiura (24), a resident of Rugando cell, Buhunga Sub County in Rukungiri district, was found dead in a bush on 12th of March 2013.
Police and locals say Chelston has been a prominent drug dealer and thief with a long criminal record. He has been arrested several times for theft and sale of prohibited drugs.
Kigezi regional police spokesperson Elly Maate confirms the incident and says that the police are investigating the matter.

Maate says police believe that Chelston’s body could have simply been dumped where it was discovered. He argues that though Chelston’s body displayed deep cuts, there was no sign he had been killed from where his body was found.

Although investigations into his killing are on-going, Police speculate that Chelston might have been killed by his business rivals.

The drug dealing business in the Kigezi region has for the last few months been on the increase with most of the drugs dealers operating in Kabale, Rukungiri and Kanungu.

In Kabale district, Police has since August 2012 arrested 12 Ugandans and 11 Rwandan nationals all in possession of marijuana. Six of them have since then been remanded to Ndorwa government prison in Kabale while others are out on bail.

Police first launched serious operations against drug dealers In August 2012.  29 year old Martin Twikirize who was notorious drug dealer was netted after being found in possession of a sack of marijuana in his home.

Twikirize, a resident Kekuubo cell, Nyabikoni ward, Central Division was arrested on August 17th 2013 after had dodged arrest for years. His drug dealing business had stretched to Mbarara, Kampala and even across the border into Rwanda.
Police have also been battling cultivation of marijuana in Ruhija sub-county.
Police were shocked to find whole village gardens given over to cultivating the illegal drug instead of growing food or cash crops for sale a move.

The police operation in Kiyebe village saw the entire population flee at the advance of the law enforcers who had come to educate the community about the illegality of their action.

The struggle to root out the growing of Marijuana around Bwindi Forest in Kabale and Kanungu has been met with stiff resistance.

Locals and leaders claim that they cannot grow other crops because wild animals usually invade their garden and destroy them. They say marijuana is the only crop that is not destroyed by wild animal such as elephants.

The drug dealers take advantage of being near the countries of Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda where the drugs are in high demand.

Use of drugs is also on the rise in Uganda. It is believed Butaleja Woman MP Cerinah Nebanda may have died from the effects of consuming cocaine.

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